SDB:Enable input method in Wayland

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When you enter Wayland session of KDE/GNOME, you cannot use input method (Fcitx or iBus) out of box. Here are steps that you can follow to enable them.

Both Fcitx and iBus have basic support for Wayland through an X protocol bridge. Next generation of Fcitx will have direct support of Wayland protocol.

Wayland reads different environment configuration file /etc/environment . This is why your input method configuration for X doesn't work with Wayland.

sudo vi /etc/environment

The file is empty except for some comments. Add the following lines (take Fcitx as example):


If you prefer iBus, add these lines instead:


After that reboot your system.

Since Fcitx's auto-start doesn't work in Wayland, you need to manually add auto-start entry through "System Settings" -> "Startup and Shutdown" -> "Auto Start".