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SDB:Configure Marvell network card

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The following instructions have been written for openSUSE 11.0 running on KDE3.

Use YaST to add the new PCI ID

  1. Go to Start > Computer > Administrator Settings (Yast)
  2. Select the "System" section
  3. Select the "Kernel settings" module
  4. Select "Add" and then "From List"
  5. A dialog will pop up prompting you for the driver name and a pull-down listing PCI devices in your system.
  6. Enter "sky2" as the driver, and leave the sysfs file section empty
  7. Select the device to associate with
  8. Select OK.


Reboot your computer. If everything was successful, and your LAN cable is plugged in, your KNetwork icon (globe icon in the toolbar) should now be green.

Configure connection

  1. Right-click on the KNetwork icon
  2. Go to New Connection > eth0
  3. Click "Next" (most connections do not have manual IP configuration)
  4. Type a name for the connection (e.g. "LAN")
  5. Select "Autoconnect"
  6. Click "Connect & Save"

Now your network card should be working, and will autoconnect on startup. You may need to configure the connection for each user account.