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SDB:ChemSketch with wine

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ChemSketch (version 12 and before) has had for some time a windowing bug which means some WINE versions run it, and some do not (after the first initialisation when a registry entry is made that has the effect of making the ChemSketch window invisible after start up on all future start ups.


The clean solution is to run a start up line like wine start /MAX 'C:\Program Files\ACD\CHEMSK.EXE which forces the window size and then adjust the size of the ChemSketch drawing document. You have to save a *.mol file to disk and reopen it with SHOW3D.EXE to get 3D molecular displays.

Shell script

The following shell script corrects for the issues of having minimised programs all over the place that would otherwise muck things up and makes things run smoothly from the Kickoff Application launcher

# Chemsketch 12 for Linux, written by Pawel Tokarz, modified mlj
if ps ax | grep -v grep | grep $SERVICE1 > /dev/null
   echo "$SERVICE1 service running, kill it"
   pkill $SERVICE1
   echo "$SERVICE1 has PID of:"; 
   echo "$SERVICE1 is not running"
if ps ax | grep -v grep | grep $SERVICE2 > /dev/null
   echo "$SERVICE2 service running, kill it"
   pkill $SERVICE2
   echo "$SERVICE2 is not running"
#run Chemsketch 12
#you must write your own (windows) path to the exe file, although start also has a linux path option.
sleep 1
wine start /MAX 'C:\Program Files\ACD\CHEMSK.EXE'
#Or alternatively wine start /MAX 'C:\Program Files\ACD\SHOW3D.EXE' should be
#put in another shell script to run every time you want a 3D structural model