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OK, starting the first discussion on Enlightenment here.... I have installed openSUSE 13.1 with KDE I want to either use or change to Enlightenment. I need to keep my data (most of which is on my /home partition) I know Enlightenment is primarily a window manager, so what's the best road to take? Reinstall openSUSE choosing Enlightenment as desktop? or can I install Enlightenment alongside KDE? choosing Enlightenment at login screen..... If this last one is possible, it would be preferable; but, if it ain't viable I'd like to know that too.... Otherwise a step by step explanation would be good or links to where this information can be had.... (I'm new to Linux so I need layman's explanations.... saying that I can be quick to catch on) Simon? thanks in advance...

Later I'll post my experiences and findings with e17 or e18 as a user..

Just to add some more info: I already tried installing it through Yast2 using patterns... it worked to some degree, but I could not get wireless to work and could not find Connman in the repositories... I use Krita for work but it shows blacked out menus and dialogues.. therefore unusable. Gimp and Inkscape seem OK. Without any triggers or open programs it repeatedly gave error messages saying something was wrong and needed to be compiled and presented me with an option to log out. In the end I removed Enlightenment... I would really like to get this up and running smoothly and believe it should be possible.

Sleep_Walker's answer

You can have installed both Enlightenment and KDE installed on the same machine. Yast2 software installer will help you with that.

  • For networking use NetworkManager (I use the gnome one).
  • blackout - what graphic card do you have? which drivers do you use? can you file bug report and attach screenshot?
  • something repeatedly gave error - sorry, this is too vague - check Portal:Enlightenment/Known_issues if it is not cpufreq module issue

I've uninstalled enlightenment, so I cannot reproduce the error. As previously stated, I installed it using the software manager patterns feature in Yast2. My graphics card is an Nvidia geoforce 335m , I discovered that using opengl settings for the compositing is not good with e17. software rendering is apparently better (this is the opposite case with KDE and it would have been good to know this in advance)> I'll try installing it again and see what happens.