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Portal:Enlightenment/Known issues

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Known issues

Last updated 02/11/19

  • Replace "Connection Manager" with NetworkManager-applet using the Enlightenment GUI Settings Dialogs in Tumbleweed.
  1. After Enlightenment is installed in Tumbleweed, you will notice that an attempt to change the settings of "Connection Manager" will ask you to install 'econnman' which is the Enlightenment Network applet, but it has broken dependencies at this time. It is best to replace 'econnman' with the GTK 'nm-applet' which is already installed.
  2. Go to "Settings" in the menu and click on "Modules"
  3. Select "Systray" and click on "Load".
  4. Open the Shelf settings and select "Contents". You will want to remove the "Connection Manager", but add "Systray" and close the shelf settings dialog.
  5. Finally, go to "Settings" in the menu and select "Settings Panel". Next Select "Apps" and "Startup Applications". Finally, find and select "Network" click "Add", then click "Apply", and close out of the settings dialogs.
  6. Restart Enlightenment and you should see nm-applet or the GTK Network Manager Applet in your shelf. From there you can choose your network and enter your passphrase.
  • Open bug for NetworkManager-applet in Tumbleweed.
  • Applications are not showing in systray
    • Enlightenment e21 and later uses the new systray indicators, some apps may not work, the tips below may help
    • If you choose to use the newer libappindicator dbus based protocol (unity, kde5) you may need to look for libappindicator plugins for some apps, for Qt4/kde4 applications you can install sni-qt which will provide the indicator (Currently doesn't show all icons correctly) openSUSE 13.3 and the X11:Enlightenment repo's should pull this package in automatically
      • For skype you may need to install the 32bit version of sni-qt