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  • If you encounter a problem with Wicked, and want to take a stab at debugging it, enabling debug output and restarting the service as follows, should be your first step to help diagnose the problem:
 # enable debugging
 sed -e 's/^WICKED_DEBUG=.*/WICKED_DEBUG=all/g' -i /etc/sysconfig/network/config
 # restart the daemons
 systemctl restart wickedd
 # reapply the config
 wicked --debug all ifup all # systemctl restart wicked
  • If the client logs do not point you at a possible error, you may examine the service logs yourself with `journalctl`:
 journalctl -b -o short-iso > wicked.log
 # an initial grep for "wicked" is a place to start 
  • Of course not all problems are easily diagnosed, so to file a bug, please go to: file a wicked bug