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What "extra" does KIWI bring to LTSP?

  • We use KIWI imaging technology to create boot as well as client images.
  • We can use "prebuilt" images as KIWI's netboot image provides feature of serving config files through tftp server.
  • Idea of using "prebuilt" images is that users do not have to build their own images, so the DVD media to build chroot image is not required.
  • As KIWI provides facility to create different kind of images, we can create Live CD or USB stick image for the LTSP clients, these images work on LTSP5 server running on other distributions too.
  • Some LTSP implementations require manual configuration of services, kiwi-ltsp-setup script provides all the tools necessary to build images and configure services.
  • KIWI-LTSP provides easy way to create diskless distributed build farm using Icecream
  • Apart from NFS and NBD root, KIWI-LTSP supports ATA over Ethernet also.
  • With ATA over Ethernet it is possible to serve multiple images of different kinds from single server, including network booting Fat client images.