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Warning: This method is deprecated. LTSP upstream now has fat client support to run everything on the clients.


This is an example of creating network boot "Fat" client. The root "/" filesystem and /home are mounted from the server. Authentication will be handled by openLDAP server.

The root filesystem is a squashfs image exported via ATA over Ethernet. The /home is mounted from the server via NFS.

This kind of setup is suitable for high performing diskless clients. We can benefit from central management, yet use all the resources available on the clients. Clients with minimum 1GB RAM are recommended for this setup, for lower end hardware please use Normal LTSP setup.


Install and set up KIWI-LTSP with ATA over Ethernet before setting up the Fat client image. Install these additional packages by running the following commands(needs internet connection and server:ltsp repository active)

 zypper ref
 zypper in easy-kiwi-desc-netfat
 zypper up kiwi-desc-ltsp


Server Configurations


Set up openLDAP server and client according to the guide here:

Deploy Image

Create Image to deploy via AOE

Edit /etc/sysconfig/kiwi-build, change KIWI_PRODUCT to what you need. Available images are netfat, kde3, kde4, and gnome. Configure any other variables in that file to suite your environment if required.

Run the following as root after mounting openSUSE 11.1 i586 DVD media at /mnt/11.1 (any other media will not work):

 kiwi-ltsp-setup -fat

This will create /srv/kla/$KIWI_PRODUCT.img to use as AOE image. The image is already configured to mount /home from the server and authenticate using openLDAP.

Configure image deployment

Supposing netfat.img to be the only image in the /srv/kla directory, edit /etc/sysconfig/kiwi-ltsp

 AOE_IMG_01="<space separated list of ma:ca:dd:re:ss:es of fat-clients to use the image netfat.img>"

Finally set up services to start at boot time and start them all:

 kiwi-ltsp-setup -c

Edit /srv/tftpboot/KIWI/config.default if all clients use the same image or config.mac:add:re:ss on the clients using the image, remove whole of "CONF=" line.

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