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This is the full conversation and output from the example setup of linuxdom.net, captured from ipa-replica-prepare command on the IPA server:

root@ipa-primary ~# ipa-replica-prepare ipa-standby.linuxdom.net --http-cert-file ipa-standby.p12 --dirsrv-cert-file ipa-standby.p12 --ip-address
Directory Manager (existing master) password:

Enter Apache Server private key unlock password:

Enter Directory Server private key unlock password:

Preparing replica for ipa-standby.linuxdom.net from ipa-primary.linuxdom.net
Copying SSL certificate for the Directory Server
Copying SSL certificate for the Web Server
Copying additional files
Finalizing configuration
Packaging replica information into /var/lib/ipa/replica-info-ipa-standby.linuxdom.net.gpg
Adding DNS records for ipa-standby.linuxdom.net
Waiting for ipa-standby.linuxdom.net. A or AAAA record to be resolvable
This can be safely interrupted (Ctrl+C)
The ipa-replica-prepare command was successful