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Things to be done:

  • Update this list, as mentioned below
  • openSUSE integration
    • Fix wizard language issues - Simotek
    • su/sudo
      • Dedicated efl based wrapper like kdesu gtk-su etc
    • Branding - Sleep_Walker
      • Profile
        • Don't install upstream profiles by default (separate package - they miss intergration)
        • Set don't show apps to enlightenment
        • Test that Battery Temperature and Backlight get enabled by Wizard if removed from profile and remove
  • Nightly repo
    • Fix X11:Enlightenment:Nightly to build with osc services
  • Live Images
    • Create Images for X11:Factory and X11:Nightly versions of e
  • extra packages - a goal is to need to use as few non-EFL based applications as possible
    • Stable and Maintained (Apps that have stable releases and are at a standard that they could go into openSUSE:Factory)
    • Experimental (these need to go into X11:Enlightenment:Nightly or be clearly marked as experemental)
      • Unpackaged extra modules
      • package webkit EFL port
      • Entrance (login manager) - make it working with openSUSE
      • eve web browser - Not actively maintained
    • games - efbb, elemines, e_cho Sleep_Walker
    • Valosoitin - (Python EFL Audio Client) - not updated for over a year
    • Not yet written (Programs that still need to be written)
      • games - e-type?, etris?, ...?
  • themes
    • we could always use more good quality themes, there are some worth testing - Simotek
  • our wiki
  • Testing
    • Write OpenQA more tests
      • Enlightenment
        • Test both openSUSE profiles
        • Test a Enlightenment install from a minimal X Session Base
        • Install from enlightenment pattern
        • Install just enlightenment package
        • Test sni-qt systray
          • Launch clementine and check for icon
        • Test run yast
      • Terminology
        • Install on a system with no other enlightenment or efl dependencies

And also generic tasks you can work on all the time:

  • improve localization of your native language
    • Czech - Ecore, Efreet, Enlightenment, Elementary, current EFL single package, Empower - sources differed again a bit
    • Greek - Ecore, Efreet, Enlightenment, Elementary, current EFL single package, Empower - Efstathios Iosifidis, Drakevr
  • test and report problems