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About Me edit

  • Where do I live?

Prague, Czech Republic (GMT+1)

  • What I like about openSUSE?

It's green! Seriously? Buildservice, studio, clever and kind people around that.

  • What am I doing at openSUSE?

I'm one of package maintainer of Enlightenment (I started that and mostly passed to Simotek), suckless utilities, some X11 and Wayland related packages. I help with spec-cleaner, package build process optimization and some other mostly random stuff. I'm also moderator on Czech openSUSE Freenode channel.

  • What skills I have?

I know some programming, debugging in both kernel and user space. I think my Bash-fu is quite strong. I can exit Emacs and even do something reasonable before.

  • More to mention:

I like small consumer devices with ARM processors and various gadgets.

Contact edit

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