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Known Issues

See Known Issues for openSUSE

How can I give you valuable bug reports?

Feel Free to contact any of our developers on #opensuse-cinnamon or openSUSE bugzilla. But be aware, simply tell us what happened may be less help. Here're the progress we use to diagnose a problem:

  • If you can't login, can you run `cinnamon --replace` inside a working gnome-shell or KDE? what does the output say?
Warning: running that command may black and freeze your X! Save your work before running it! and you must know how to switch to tty, init 3 && init 5 to get back!
Warning: remember to `sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager` if you have any working network connection. Cinnamon will seek control of network, which conflicts with your working GNOME-shell(they both use nm-applet) don't give them any network both! Or you'll surely fail because cinnamon can't start with a running NetworkManager!
  • If you can run `cinnamon --replace` but still can't login using GDM or other stuff, can you give us some logs?

First, login to tty, then switch back to gdm and login cinnamon (remember the <time>), if failed, switch back to tty again, run

su { journalctl --since <time> } > /home/<your username>/journal.log
chown <your username>:users /home/<your username>/journal.log

We need that journal.log and .xsession-errors-:0 inside your home directory.

  • If you can't start an application, can you run it from a terminal (inside /usr/bin, there're lots of stuff prefixed with "cinnamon-", that'll be what you need) and see the outputs? (Cinnamon used a lot of Python, so it's hard for us to find all the dependencies at build time. Python is a scripting language, it will not fail until code get run. Upstream has a very poor documentation about its `runtime` dependencies.)
  • If your cinnamon workspace is wrong (eg, some applets can't be loaded, some extensions can't be enabled), can you please press "Meta (the Win key) + L" to trigger Cinnamon Looking Glass and tell us the output under the Error tab?
  • If the Nautilus file manager opens instead of Nemo, you can run this command:

xdg-mime default nemo.desktop inode/directory

  • If thumbnails don't work correctly in Nemo and/or on the desktop, run:

rm -R ~/.thumbnails

ln -s ~/.cache/thumbnails/ ~/.thumbnails

That's all.