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This page keeps records for known issues about adopting Cinnamon to openSUSE. What will work and what will not, due to what. These issues are mostly occured because Cinnamon is a Linux Mint community project intead of a DE targeting all the distributions.Feel free to add some.
  • Fixed: On 13.1 install Cinnamon may make GDM losing its icons. Forgot to run %icon_theme_cache_post to update icon caches.
  • Fixed: On 13.1 cinnamon-session can't be shown in GDM or get started. Added missing runtime dependencies.
  • Fixed: Nemo can't start on 13.1. It's because upstream (Linux Mint) uses a lower GNOME/GTK+ version than openSUSE for almost every release, so upstream developers don't even be aware of the problems we met.
  • Muffin for openSUSE 12.3 will stay at a certain commit forever until openSUSE 12.3 formally reaches its EOL. Because Ubuntu 14.04 was released with GNOME 3.10, Linux Mint decided to bump its LTS support to it. So GNOME requirement is now limited to GNOME 3.10+. Meanwhile openSUSE 12.3 and Fedora 19 all ships GNOME 3.6-3.8. Then we have to stay at the commit without Hi-DPI support. 12.3 reached EOL, support had been removed.
  • Fixed: No bluetooth support for 13.1+. Because starting from GNOME 3.12, GNOME upstream decided to drop rfkill support in gnome-bluetooth, and reinvented the wheels in gnome-settings-daemon. Cinnamon now uses blueberry for Bluetooth support.
  • Fixed: "One or more applets can not be loaded". the one is, because we didn't ship the unfunctional cinnamon-bluetooth package. Cinnamon doesn't require cinnamon-bluetooth any longer.