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User Software portal

For Users


For Packagers

  • Automatic resolving of dependencies to other packages. If a package depends on another package, this package will be triggered for a rebuild automatically if the depending package changes.
  • Linking to other projects: Patches can be tested against current packages from other projects.
  • Open interfaces allow different clients and external services (e.g. SourceForge, to interface with the Open Build Service and to use its resources.


For Software Projects

  • For developers it is an efficient place to build up groups and work together through its project model.
Developer Web Interface


For Independent Software Vendors

  • The Open Build Service is licensed under GPL and can be installed on any piece of hardware that does have at least 2GB memory.
  • The easiest way to run your own instance is to use the OBS appliances. The appliances can be used to run an instance directly or to install an instance on your server.
  • A manual installation is also possible but is more complicated. The tutorial can guide you through it.

Who is using it?

  • Besides the openSUSE project, a number of Open Source projects like the Moblin/Maemo/MeeGo project, VideoLAN project, companies like Dell, Cray, United States Postal Service and universities are running their own instances of the Open Build Service. Some of these are available in our list of Open Build Service installations.