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The current list of localization teams:

Language Coordinator Mailinglist Translations
Arabic Translations
Albanian Altin Ukshini Translations
Belarusian Denis Gavrik Translations
Bulgarian Borislav Mitev languages.opensuse-translation-BG Translations
Bengali Jamil Ahmed (জামিল আহমেদ) Translations
Bosnian Translations
Catalan David Medina opensusecatala (@) Translations
Czech Jan Papež (honyczek) Translations
Danish Martin Schlander dansk (at) Translations
German Maik Wagner Translations
Greek Efstathios Iosifidis Translations
Esperanto Manuel Ortega Translations
Estonian Jaan Vajakas Translations
Finnish Jyri Palokangas Translations
French Guillaume GARDET Translations
Galician subscribe here to this mailing list Translations
Hebrew Translations
Hindi Aditi Abhyankar aditi.sarwate[at] Translations
Croatian none Translations
Hungarian Translations
Indonesian M. Edwin Zakaria none Translations
Italian Hawake (wiki) Translations
Japanese Yuuichi (wiki) Translations
Georgian Translations
Kabyle Belkacem Mohammed AMIRI Slimane Translations
Khmer (km) Translations
Korean Translations
Lithuanian opensuse.lietuviu.kalba () Translations
Lao Translations
Marathi Aditi Abhyankar aditi.sarwate[at] Translations
Norwegian Bokmål Andreas Saga Romsdal none Translations
Norwegian Nynorsk Karl Ove Hufthammer Translations
Dutch(nl) Rinse de Vries (openSUSE)
Freek de Kruijf (openSUSE,wiki)
yast-nl-l10n -at- Translations
Pashto Translations
Persian Mohammad Rezaei Seresht Translations
Punjabi punjabi-l10n -at- Translations
Polish Translations
Portuguese Translations
Portuguese (Brazilian ) Luiz Fernando Ranghetti Translations
Romanian Translations
Russian Alexander Melentiev Translations
Slovak Non coordinator at this time, only volunteers, subscribe here Translations
Slovenian Translations
Serbian Филип Брчић Translations
Simplified Chinese(简体中文) Translations
Sinhala (සිංහල) Translations
Spanish Translations
Swedish Jonas Svensson jks[at] Translations
Tamil Translations
Tajik Translations
Thai Translations
Traditional Chinese(繁體中文) Translations
Turkish Translations
Ukrainian Andriy Bandura Translations
Vietnamese Translations
Welsh (Cymraeg) Kevin Donnelly kevin -curly-a- dotmon (dot) com Translations
Walloon linux-wa at Translations

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