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OpenCPN for OpenSUSE Home



The description of the above image

Download for openSUSE

Vendor: Open Source
Developer: ApplicationProject
License: GPLv2

 *   included the base OpenCPN package
 **  Beta version (do not use at sea)
    • OpenCPN-BR24radar_pi support radar Navico
    • OpenCPN-calculator_pi calculator
    • OpenCPN-celestial_navigation_pi help for astral navigation
    • OpenCPN-chartdldr_pi* support for many free chart raster format
    • OpenCPN-CL-Data long term weather forecast trend data
    • OpenCPN-climatology_pi statistical weather forecast plugin
    • OpenCPN-Dashboard* NMEA instrument dashboard
    • OpenCPN-DR_pi** GPX waypoints file from Dead Reckoning positions
    • OpenCPN-FindIt_pi Help for on-board organisation
    • OpenCPN-gshhs-Data worldwide coast line data in high definition
    • OpenCPN-gradar_pi Legacy Garmin Ethernet radar Overlay
    • OpenCPN-gxradar_pi Recent Garmin Ethernet radar Overlay
    • OpenCPN-Grib* weather forecast GRIB file and overlay on chart
    • OpenCPN-iacfleet_pi weather forecast under IAC format for slow data link
    • OpenCPN-launcher_pi Selection by tactile screen for tablet PC
    • OpenCPN-LogbookKonni-1.2 Electronic logbook
    • OpenCPN-nmeaconverter_pi NMEA Converter can convert incoming NMEA Sentences
    • OpenCPN-objsearch_pi Help for on-board organisation
    • OpenCPN-ocpndebugger_pi OpenCPN plugin debugger
    • OpenCPN-ocpn_draw_pi addition of geo-referenced object on a chart
    • OpenCPN-oeSENC_pi support for encrypted oeSENC chart
    • OpenCPN-ofc_pi Fugawi Charts for access to license the broad raster chart portfolio offered by Fugawi
    • OpenCPN-otcurrent_pi** display stream and current on chart
    • OpenCPN-polar_pi polar calculation for your boat
    • OpenCPN-projections_pi** alternative chart projection (!! do not use at sea)
    • OpenCPN-radar_pi display AIS data as a radar
    • OpenCPN-rotationctrl_pi** chart rotation extension
    • OpenCPN-route_pi calculate a route taking into account the earth shape
    • OpenCPN-rtlsdr_pi support USB TV stick to receive AIS signals (a low cost solution)
    • OpenCPN-s63_pi support S63 encrypted chart
    • OpenCPN-SAR_pi help for search and rescue man over board
    • OpenCPN-squiddio_pi marina data maintained by the community
    • OpenCPN-statusbar_pi alternative status bar
    • OpenCPN-sweepplot_pi visualizes sailing performance data to help maintaining ideal sail trim
    • OpenCPN-tactics_pi Provides sailing enhancements to the dashboard about wind and tack options
    • OpenCPN-TC-Data current and stream data
    • OpenCPN-vdr_pi record and replay NMEA data
    • OpenCPN-watchdog_pi various watchdog features (include an anchorage supervision)
    • OpenCPN-weatherfax_pi support de fax météo dont ceux transmis en BLU
    • OpenCPN-weather_routing_pi routage avec prise en compte de la cote, des vents et courants
    • OpenCPN-wmm_pi* calcul de la déviation magnétique (now included in OpenCPN main module)

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