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Main window in mixed mode

Developer: Kwadrans Marcin
License: GPL

Little Wizard is the easiest way to teach children programming

It's created especially for primary school children and allows kids to learn using main elements of present computer languages, including: variables, expressions, loops, conditions, logical blocks.

Every element of language is represented by an intuitive icon. It allows program Little Wizard without using keyboard, only mouse.

Getting Started

To install Little Wizard issue the following command in a terminal as root:

zypper in littlewizard

This will grab the application and all its dependencies from the Internet, so you need to be connected to the Internet. After installing, you can run the program under the menu:

Applications -> Education -> Little Wizard

Or press ALT+F2 on your desktop (or go to a terminal like gnome-terminal and konsole), type littlewizard, and press Enter.

For more information, follow their own tutorial


Screenshot-Littelwizard.png Screenshot-Littelwizard 2.png