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Telemetry solution for openSUSE MicroOS and openSUSE Kubic

If you have only a small cluster and you need a quick, simple solution to monitor it, tools like Prometheus and Grafana are often overkill. The Clear Linux* project offers a telemetry solution that allows rapid detection of quality issues. There is a port to openSUSE available, currently we are working on integration into different MicroOS specific tools. By default, no data is send to anywhere, but only stored locally. There is also no openSUSE hosted backend to collect all data, an own backend server has to be deployed in the local network.


The RPM for the client is not yet in Factory, but can be found here:


Add with zypper: zypper ar -f telemetrics

Install the client RPM: transactional-update pkg install telemetrics-client

Reboot the system to make the binaries visible.


If you want to log to a central server, you need to adjust the configuration file. To do so, you have to copy the default configuration file first: cp /usr/share/defaults/telemetrics/telemetrics.conf /etc/telemetrics/

Normally you have to adjust the following variables:


The server entry needs to point to your local backend. Be careful to choose http vs. https correct. record_server_delivery_enabled needs to be set to true, record_retention_enabled depends on if you want to store the data locally, too, or not.

For privacy reasons, the ID of the machine will change every three days. To be able to identify a machine over a longer time, you have to provide a static ID:

 echo "your static ID" > /etc/telemetrics/opt-in-static-machine-id


After adjusting the configuration, enable and start the services:

 telemctl start

To test the configuration: /usr/lib/telemetrics-probes/hprobe If that works fine, enable the services for next boot, too:

 telemctl enable

Backend Server

There are no packages for the Telemetrics Server, you need to download the script to install the telemetrics-backend server on openSUSE Tumbleweed. The following pull request is necessary:

Run -a install -d opensuse -H localhost