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Vector image editor.

Developer: Inkscape project
License: GPL

Inkscape is a professional open source scalable vector graphics editor. It is capable of object manipulation, fill and stroke, operations on paths, text support, rendering, and more. It can be used to create pictures suitable for web, wallpapers, fonts and all kinds of images that could benefit from limitless scaling and compact size of SVG format.

Images produced by Inkscape are W3C compliant SVG format, which lets it work reliably with other pieces of software like Krita, GIMP or be viewed with EOG and Firefox

Apart from SVG it also supports importing majority of vector based formats (PDF, AI etc.) and raster formats (PNG, JPEG etc.).

Basic Toolset

Inkscape comes with a lot of tools that can be of use to both beginner and professional. Those include:

  • Path Editor
  • Object Sculpting and Painting Tool
  • Measurement Tool
  • Rectangle Tool
  • Spirals Tool
  • Path Pen
  • Circle (Elipse) Tool
  • Star/Polygon Tool

and others

It also provides options for more in depth editing, like:

  • Union, Difference, Intersection between multiple elements
  • Combining and breaking apart existing paths
  • Path Effects
  • Grouping elements
  • Transformations, including
  1. Rotation
  2. Scaling
  3. Flipping
  • Masks
  • Pattern selector and creator

Learn it

Inkscape community has gathered useful Guides and Documentation, to quickly learn program's basics

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