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The logo of i3

Download for openSUSE

License: BSD
Web: http://i3wm.org/


i3 is a simple window manager with tiling, floating and other window sorting features. It is lightweight, highly configurable and easy to learn. A dock is integrated and starts automatically to display the workspaces and a tiny program tray. You have only one configuration file, which is easy to understand and modifiable. You don't need to learn any script based programming language like ruby or lua.


  • Simple config file
  • Uses shell commands instead of script-based languages
  • Runs on old hardware
  • Drains less battery
  • Userfriendly
  • Well documented


You can install i3 using the command

 zypper install i3 dmenu i3status


When you start i3 the first time, it displays a popup window, where you can set your modifier key. You can choose between the ALT and the SUPER/WINDOWS key.

Keys to use with $mod (Alt):


Keys to use with Shift+$mod:



 $mod+Enter --> open a terminal
 $mod+d --> open dmenu (text based program launcher)
 $mod+r --> resize mode ( or to leave resize mode)
 $mod+shift+e --> exit i3
 $mod+shift+r --> restart i3 in place
 $mod+shift+c --> reload config file
 $mod+shift+q --> kill window (does normal close if application supports it)


 $mod+w --> tabbed layout
 $mod+e --> vertical and horizontal layout (switches to and between them)
 $mod+s --> stacked layout
 $mod+f --> fullscreen

Moving Windows

 $mod+shift+<direction key> --> Move window in direction (depends on direction keys settings)

For more information checkout the users documentation.

Now your window opens on the current screen. You can define that only specific windows appear on specific screens. This is described in the documentation.

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