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The status of "Sighted" is an obvious Germanism ("gesichtet", in the sense of "geblickt") and does not work at all in this context in English. "Reviewed" would be a *much* better term.

I also think that the status of "Quality" would be better expressed as "Approved", but this is just a matter of style, not correctness.

One other thing that I have noticed in the openSuSE wikis (not on this page, but on many others; I'm not sure where it would be best to bring this up, though, because it's very widespread) is another Germanism that no unilingual English-speaker will understand: "resp." To one who understands German, this is obviously intended to mean "respectively", used in exactly the same way as "bzw.". There are two and a half problems with this usage, however. First, we just *don't* abbreviate "respectively". Second, we never use "respectively" by itself as a conjunction. A native English-speaker would never never say "coffee respectively tea"; if you want to use "respectively" at all here, then the correct usage (and I don't just mean what the grammar books call correct, I mean what the man in the street would consider correct) would be "coffee or tea, respectively". Second-and-a-half (not a grammatical problem, really, but certainly a matter of style): English speakers tend not to use "respectively" very much - certainly not nearly as much as Germans use "bzw.". Context will usually allow the reader to tell whether the writer means "A or B, it doesn't matter which" or "either A, or B, depending on the value of some previous related decision". But, please, if you really want to be clear, then use "A or B, respectively".

I know that this is commonly taught in German schools (I taught English at a Gymnasium for a year), but "A respectively B" is WRONG, and "A resp. B" is even worse - not even remotely comprehensible to English-speaker.

Please pass this remark around to wherever it might do the most good, or suggest where that would be, and I will do it.

Cheers, -Edward

(P.S.: Sorry, this "bzw." business is a pet peeve of mine. And the "Sighted" issue appears on most wiki pages, so it is also very aggravating.) ;)