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The HopeRun Secure96 is a 96Boards compatible Mezzanine expansion board.

Technical details

  • Infineon Optiga SLB9670 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) (LS-SPI0)
  • Atmel ATSHA204A SHA (LS-I2C0 0xC8)
  • Atmel ATECC508A ECC (LS-I2C0 0xC0)
  • 128 KB EEPROM (LS-I2C0 0xA0)
  • Micro USB connector with FTDI UART adapter (LS-UART0)
Several 96Boards use LS-UART1 for serial debug, which is not accessible through Secure96.


Warning: Do not connect board in wrong orientation, it may fry the FTDI chip!


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