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GNOME Notes, formerly Bijiben, is a small and simple note editor and one of the GNOME core applications.

GNOME Notes 13.1

A simple note editor

Vendor: The GNOME Project
Developer: Pierre-Yves Luyten
License: GPL
Web: Notes project page


GNOME Notes has:

  • a simple and easy to use interface
  • support for formating text with underline, strike, italic, bold
  • support for search from GNOMEs search bar even when Notes isn't running
  • it's own search bar
  • support for collections of notes
  • spellchecking

You can also:

  • create notes by dragging text
  • import notes from Gnote and Tomboy
  • integrate with ownCloud
  • color notes
  • create tracker tags

Backup or sync

To backup your GNOME Notes to Dropbox, Google Drive, Copy, or any other cloud storage (besides ownCloud), link your ~/.local/share/bijiben folder to your /home/user/cloudserviceofyourchoice folder. Example: ln -s /home/user/.local/share/bijiben /home/user/Dropbox

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