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GNOME Boxes is an easy to use app to access remote or virtual machines.

GNOME Boxes 13.1.png

GNOME Boxes 13.1

Vendor: The GNOME Project
Developer: Alexander Larsson, Marc-André Lureau, Zeeshan Ali, Christopher Fergeau
License: GPL
Web: Boxes project page

GNOME Boxes provides a set of basic functions for the user who likes to try out new operating systems in a safe environment.

Through Boxes you can view, access and use:

  • remote machines
  • remote virtual machines
  • local virtual machines

Boxes is able to create virtual machines from standard disk image files (e.g. ISO image)

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Note: Activating USB devices while using Gnome Boxes - Refer first to Gnome Boxes Properties > Devices and Shares. To activate USB devices, 1.Open Yast 2.Once Yast is opened, scroll down to Security and Users > User and Group Management > Edit tab (under user name) > Details. 3.Check libvirt, kvm, and qemu groups boxes.

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