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Frozen Bubble

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Developer: Guillaume Cottenceau u. a.
License: GPL
Web: http://www.frozen-bubble.org/

About Frozen Bubble

The original Frozen Bubble was written in Perl by Guillaume Cottenceau.
Version 2.x offers multiplayer play via LAN and Internet. This version is presently for Linux only.
The game is released under the GNU General Public License.


Simply install the packages with yast or zypper.

user@pc:~> sudo zypper install frozen-bubble

And if you need the Frozen Bubble Server install it with:

user@pc:~> sudo zypper install frozen-bubble-server


A fairly simple 3d game in which you attempt to shoot "bubbles" to knock the other "bubbles" down, clearing the board.
A tetris-type game of accuracy and speed.

Authors of Frozen Bubble

Guillaume Cottenceau: design & programming
Alexis Younes (Ayo73): graphics & website design
Matthias Le Bidan (Matths): sound & music
Kim and David Joham: level editor
Amaury Amblard-Ladurantie: website coding & graphics support

External Links

http://www.frozen-bubble.org/ - The Official website for Frozen Bubble
http://glenn.sanson.free.fr/v2/?select=fb - Applet version
http://www.ventoline.com/frozenbubble/ - Flash version
http://glenn.sanson.free.fr/v2/?select=fb_js - JavaScript version
http://fb-s60.sourceforge.net/ - S60 port (Symbian) for mobile phones
http://glenn.sanson.free.fr/v2/?select=microfb - for java -non Symbian- mobile phones