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OSTree based application bundles management

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License: LGPL-2.1


Flatpak is a free and open source package management system for building and distributing desktop applications on Linux independently from the host system in a sandboxed environment, which help to solve issues related to dependencies and make sure that users across different distros share the same experience.


Install flatpak package

# zypper in flatpak


Add a repository

You can add a repo using this syntax

flatpak remote-add <name> <link>

for example to add Flathub repository

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

don't forget to update after adding a new repository

flatpak update

Delete a repository

flatpak remote-delete <name>

List repositories

To list all the added repositories use this command:

flatpak remotes

Installing a new app

To install a new flatpak app use the following

flatpak install <name>

or by specifing the repository

flatpak install <repo> <name>

Uninstalling an app

flatpak uninstall <name>

Find an app

Once you've configured a repository

flatpak search <name>

Updating a specific app

flatpak update <name>

List installed apps

flatpak list

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