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How to donate software to openSUSE project

This document is supposed to cover the process of software ownership transfer to openSUSE.

Software needs to use licenses acceptable by openSUSE project.

Software needs to be transferred to the openSUSE organization, as openSUSE keeps track of its projects there. Alternative would be code-o-o. Transfer of project to requires approval of the openSUSE organization admin. or equivalent should mention the transfer of ownership and effective date.

One of Release managers should request a bugzilla component creation under the openSUSE project(s), if necessary. The ultimate fallback would be component "Other".

In order to add software to our openSUSE distributions, the software needs to follow Factory first and openSUSE Factory development model. This also implies software should belong to one of Development projects, and needs to have a maintainer assigned, so Bugzilla triage is possible.