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openSUSE:Accepted licences

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In short

We try to only use Open Source licenses. See openSUSE:Build_Service_application_blacklist for some more details for what is allowed. While in general any OSI licence might be allowed, some of them are not recommended. There are many things that can influence what license one might want to use. An intentionally non-exhaustive list of licenses that are recommended:

  • AGPL-3.0-only and see below for proxy
  • AGPL-3.0-or-later
  • GPL-3.0-only and see below for proxy
  • GPL-3.0-or-later
  • "GPL-3.0-only OR GPL-2.0-only" which (see SPDX) in prose means "The GPL-3.0-only license or (at your option) the GPL-2.0-only license" for when you want to be compatible with both versions of the GPL, but don't want to use the or-later variant below.
  • GPL-2.0-or-later
  • LGPL-2.1
  • Apache-2.0 if you do not want to require people to share alike their changes.
  • MIT-0 if you do not want to require people to share alike their changes nor require giving you credit.

These are roughly ordered by how strong of a copyleft the license is, that means roughly ordered from requiring to share alike more changes to less. Finding the level that is appropriate is complex and thus not described in this text, maybe at a later time we can link to a good explanation.

( The above and OpenSUSE elsewhere uses SPDX notation to refer to licenses, though SPDX also lists licenses that are not allowed. )

When using -only license variants designate a proxy

To be able to make a license upgrade easy, but also not rely on the FSF for it you can add the following to your project when using the (A)GPL-3.0-only:

"Your Name acts as a proxy to decide if a future version of the GNU General Public License may (at your option) be used as a license for this project / for the content in this repository."