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Sound configuration should be automatic upon booting. However, multimedia support on openSUSE is limited because of legal issues.

Multimedia support

There are several multimedia formats that cannot be included on the openSUSE media because they are proprietary, patented, or restricted formats. Some of these include MP3, MPEG-4, playing of encrypted DVDs, etc.

A new openSUSE user who wishes to play MP3 audio files, play AVI video files with various codecs or play commercial video DVDs needs to install additional codecs or 3rd party versions of the multimedia software applications.

To add proprietary multimedia support in openSUSE, please refer to the following websites:

One Click Install

To simplify the multimedia installation experience, a "one-click" multimedia install method has been implemented, semi-automating the installation of the multimedia codecs for new openSUSE users.


Also, if one wishes more control over the installation, then the traditional method of adding a repository works well. There is guidance describing how to do that at How to install codecs from Packman repositories

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