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YaST Mascot Contest

... is over

YaST (Your awesome Setup Tool) is a impressive and useful tool for administering a Linux system, but it's missing one crucial feature -- a mascot! The YaST team wants to close this bug, so they're putting out a call to the community to help create a mascot that reflects the power of YaST.

YaST & Linux links

Contest Details

The contest ended 12:00 November 9 (UTC/GMT time). Entries should be submitted on the openSUSE wiki here. Discussion about the entries will be held on the openSUSE Artwork mailing list.

Entries can be submitted in any format that is supported by free software, i.e., JPEG, Scalable Vector Graphics, PNG, etc. Please do not submit proprietary formats like Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or other formats that are not supported by FOSS graphics applications. We prefer that FOSS applications are used to create entries, but it is not required.

We are looking for ideas and concepts for the YaST mascot. We reserve the right to modify or recreate the concept in order to fit with other openSUSE artwork. (Meaning: We may not use your submission as the final product.)

The judging will begin on November 10, and the winner will be announced on November 17. Judges will include the YaST team and other core openSUSE team members. We reserve the right to extend the contest if no suitable entries are received.

Submitting Your Ideas

Since the contest has ended, it's not possible to submit your idea anymore. This is just for reference.

There are currently two possible ways how to submit your ideas:

Submitting Images

Submitting Mascot Names


There will be a prize for the winning mascot, the winning mascot name, and two runners-up, and of course all contestants will bask in the everlasting glow of accomplishment from having submitted an entry.

Contest Rules

  • You may submit more than one idea, but only one prize per participant will be awarded.
  • Entries must be licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.
  • Entries that are derivatives of existing mascots, trademarked and/or copyrighted artwork, will be rejected. (i.e., we cannot accept artwork that will land the openSUSE Project in legal trouble.) By submitting an entry, you attest that the work is your own, and that it does not infringe on rights held by any others to the best of your knowledge.
  • The decision of the judges is final.
  • Winners have one week to provide shipping and contact information after the contest ends.
  • Novell employees are eligible to participate.



Please enter a short description what the meaning of the name is.

name user meaning
Geeko SUSE example entry
Shanghai sureshtb Alternative name of a Slingshot (in the mascot, Y is the stick, a is the leather, S is the rubber and T a Chinese man called Shanghai with the slingshot)
YaYMe riessmi Yet another Yast Mascote (prounounced like Jaime)
Yelp UngaMan Your Excellent Lizard Partner.
Yasti the Yetti Adurbe Your helpful YaST Yetti helper
Yastie ST Yastie is a fungus, it's name is close to "Yeast", that is a kind of fungus.
Iguana elchevive Iguana is just another member of the Geeko's family ;-)
sowY Aishwarya Raja The YaST female bear mascot
Yinky xela Yinky the newt
Yopi xela Yopi the system mechanic
Sudoman MVidner He eats Superman for breakfast. Actually he has a cron job for that :)
Squifty xela (nifty squid) - get more things done with one tool
Furry Fred xela