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Welcome to issue # 73 of openSUSE Weekly News

In this Week:

  • Moblin v2.0 Beta on openSUSE
  • Andrew Wafaa: New openSUSE Netbook Images
  • Dominique Leuenberger : RPM packaging for beginners
  • Stephen Shaw: iFolder on openSUSE 11.1
  • eweekeurope: 3.1 - Better Performance


Moblin v2.0 Beta on openSUSE
"Today Intel and the Linux Foundation released a technology preview of the Moblin v2 beta, including the Moblin User Interface (UI) that is optimized for netbooks. To give a sneak preview of the future of Linux on mobile devices, the openSUSE Project is providing a preview release of the Moblin UI on top of openSUSE. To get a feel for the Moblin UI, we’re providing installable ISO and USB images, as well as screenshots of the Moblin interface. As you can see from the screenshots, the new UI makes the most of the netbook form factor while providing a rich user interface that’s easy to use."

In the Community


Christopher Hobbs: openSUSE-GNOME BugDay Weekend Wrapup
"Thanks to all who showed up to help on the bug day on Friday, your efforts are greatly appreciated. We started with just over 70 bugs and left the *obby session available over the weekend. By the end of the weekend, we had reviewed 14 bugs (9 of which we closed)."
Marcus Hüwe: Google Summer of Code - summary of this week’s meeting
"My mentor suggested to do a weekly meeting in order to discuss the current state of the project. I’m going to post a small summary after each meeting."
Jeff Shantz: Start of Coding
"Tomorrow is May 23, marking the official start of coding for Google Summer of Code students. For the past month, I have been poring over documentation, refreshing my YaST development skills, talking with community members, and making plans for the YaST Education module that I am developing this summer for the openSUSE Education CD."
My openSUSE-Education Community Week Report
"The openSUSE Community Week is over now and the openSUSE-Education Team participated with great success. The review of our simple generic schedule containing just the times where Team members hanging around looks like a good solution: many people have joined or IRC-Channel (#opensuse-edu) on Freenode during this time, started asking simple questions - and often we’ve interesting discussions (and technical solutions) afterwards."

Status Updates


Suse Box.png
Factory Status Update
Status Update
Andrew Wafaa: New openSUSE Netbook Images
"After a long hiatus (I think it's been almost 5 months) I have finally got round to creating new netbook images. I've also made some changes to the application selection, potentially aggravating some but at the end of the day this is what works for me so tough chippolatas ;-) . Up first is the GNOME edition, yes I said first as I'm creating these when time permits and as I use GNOME more often it's easier for me to do. I'll be doing KDE next followed by XFCE, and in less than 5 months - I promise! :-D"

Build Service

Build Team Meeting
"Minutes from the Meeting"

Tips and Tricks


Dominique Leuenberger : RPM packaging for beginners
"Packaging is an important part for the community and for a distribution’s users. Not everybody has the knowledge or will to install something from source. Some packages are highly complex, others are very simple."
Aaron Bockover : openSUSE 11.1 on Linode ala zypper dup
"I’ve been a Linode user for around four years now, and have always run Debian, until today. Last year Linode added openSUSE 11.0 as one of the distributions available to install, and I tried it very soon after it was available. This weekend I decided to try again, even though the openSUSE version from Linode is still 11.0. t took all of about 30 minutes to fully migrate my Debian Linode to openSUSE 11.1 - with fully working/migrated lighttpd, mysql, and git-daemon."
Gabriel Stein : N800+Python: First Steps
"Well.. are you a python developer and bought a n800 tablet? Did you tried python programming on that device? No? But I have an advice: you could use n800 to do some basic python programs, or(why not?) develop basic programs to n800. Lets start!"
Scott Morris : Creating Self-Signed SSL Certificates
"At some point or another, you’ll likely end up needing an SSL certificate for a Web site somewhere along the line. For a commercial site, your hosting provider can or will help you get this all squared away. This article is not for people in that situation. What we’re doing here will be to create our own Certificate Authority."

New/Updated Applications @ openSUSE


Petr Mladek: OpenOffice_org 3.1 rc2 available
"I’m happy to announce that 3.1 rc2 packages are available in the Build Service OpenOffice:org:UNSTABLE project. They include many upstream and Go-oo fixes. Please, look for more details about the openSUSE OOo build on the wiki page."
Adventures of master chef Ogro is an new RPG Game for different Platforms. Available in Pacman.
Andreas Schneider: libssh3 0.3.0
"After several month of hard work, rewriting nearly all libssh functions, I’ve released version 0.3.0 today. Read more about the release here. A new version of csync with full sftp support will be released soon. Available in OBS!"

Planet SUSE

Novell OpenPR Blog: Meet Moblin - see the future of mobile computing
"Following Novell and Intel’s recent collaboration agreement to advance Moblin, the progress continues. Today, Intel and the Linux Foundation announced a technology preview of the Moblin v2.0 beta, including the Moblin User Interface (UI) that is optimized for netbooks. In doing so, Intel and the Linux Foundation are unveiling several new open source projects that constitute a new user experience. Get a first look at Moblin v2.0 here."
Miguel de Icaza: Moonlight 2 Preview 3
"McGovern said it best though. This week stats: This is what the Silverlight Toolkit Sample page looked with Preview 2:..."
Bruce Byfield: The KDE 4.3 beta - KDE Returns to Incremental Releases
"The last sixteen months have been intense for the KDE desktop. The release of KDE 4.0 brought a user revolt that was only partly subdued by the 4.1 release, and did not completely quiet down until the 4.2 release last January with its emphasis on usability. Now, with the release of the KDE 4.3 beta, the project is returning to incremental releases, and concentrating on customization and ease of use on the desktop, the panel, and system settings."
Joe Brockmeier: Linux Against Poverty
"Self-proclaimed “Evil Genius” whurley* is doing something not-so-evil: Trying to get together an effort to refurb aging computers with Linux and put them in the hands of people who need them. The event is set for August 1st. The rest is over on the Web site. I think it’d be a Good Thing (TM) if [...]"
Stephen Shaw: iFolder on openSUSE 11.1
"Just recently my work team took a week off for Innovation Time Off (ITO). Our team split up into 3 groups to work on various non work related open source projects. As you can tell the project that I choose to work on was iFolder. As some might know it went through a period of silence. However, it has recently had a big code dump in svn, a community manager added, and a revived community around it."

openSUSE Forums

Basics about Partitioning
"@hcvv expresses concern over some users lack of knowledge of the Linux file system (I'm inclined to agree with him). Offering a write up on the subject @hcvv provides a link to a Wiki contribution."
Android Phones in Linux
"I guess we are interested to know what is going to work for us as far as the Cell Phone is concerned. We probably all have one and Linux compatibility is a must really. Keep an eye on this thread if you are planning for a new phone soon, the choice is ever increasing."
KDE4.3 Beta Now In Factory
"Already quite a number are testing this Beta release and finding it to be reliable. @geoffro kick started this thread which should be a source of good information if you are considering this step too."
SSH Attacks
"This really is interesting and a topic of such importance it is worthy of a spot here. If you use ssh read here, there is some good advice offered. Correct configuration is a must and is often missing, leaving users open to attack."

On the Web

OWN-oxygen-On-the-Web.png Linux, FOSS and the Cellular Empire
"Now you might right away ask, “How does this apply to Linux and FOSS?” Well, the simple answer is this. Linux is quickly growing to become one of the dominant players in the mobile computing field, most especially on MIDs, PDA's, Phones and more. It may not be the king of all Internal Operating Systems (IOS) currently, and may never be, but it's most certainly one of the bigger players."
eweekeurope: 3.1 - Better Performance
"It's been less than a year since Sun Microsystems’ hit its major 3.0 release, but the next version of the open-source, cross-platform productivity suite is already available, complete with a slate of feature enhancements and performance tweaks." Kiwi Imaging System - Forge your own operating system images in a matter of hours
"Would you like to be able to create custom, ready-to-use operating system images that can be used as VMware images, Xen virtual machines or live DVDs or booted from USB sticks? Would you like to be able to convert your physical installation into a deployable image? Would you like to be able to do all of the above in a matter of hours, without dabbling with the command line, just following a simple visual wizard? "

Past Events & Meetings

Upcoming Events & Meetings

Security Updates

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Numbers in brackets show the changes compared to the previous week.

Communication has 36839 (-1) non-unique subscribers to all mailing lists.
The openSUSE Forums have 28317 (+390) registered users - most users including guests ever online was 7771, 02-Dec-2008 at 17:31.

2857 (+30) of 6834 (+102) registered contributors in the User Directory have signed the Guiding Principles. The board has acknowledged 293 (+0) members.

Build Service
The Build Service now hosts 6368 (+56) projects, 66764 (+494) packages, 12406 (+177) repositories by 14961 (+123) confirmed users.


Feature statistics for openSUSE 11.2:

  • total: 243 (+4)
  • unconfirmed: 29 (+2)
  • new: 39 (+1)
  • evaluation: 115 (+0)
  • candidate: 5 (+0)
  • done: 10 (+0)
  • rejected: 36 (+0)
  • duplicate: 9 (+0)
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The numbers for all openSUSE project products are this week:


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