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Welcome to issue #24 of openSUSE Weekly News!

LinuxTag Edition


In this week:

  • openSUSE 11.0 Release Candidate 1
  • LinuxTag 2008
  • People of openSUSE: Klaus Kämpf


Announcing openSUSE 11.0 RC 1

  • "The openSUSE Project is proud to announce the openSUSE 11.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1). "

Upcoming: openSUSE day@LinuxTag - Saturday, May 31

  • "Don't miss the Talks during the openSUSE day at Linuxtag this saturday! There's a review of the upcoming openSUSE 11.0, a talk about the openSUSE buildservice and muchmore !"

LinuxTag Digest

What's up @ LinuxTag in Berlin ?

Volunteers for openSUSE board election committee wanted

  • "We're now asking for volunteers for the openSUSE election team to drive the election process."

New alpha version of ICEcore

  • "The ICEcore team (another open source project from Novell) has announced a new release of ICEcore with new features that allow tracking of users, workspaces, and folders within the collaboration environment, and much more. See Brent's post for more information."

In the Community

People of openSUSE: Klaus Kämpf

  • "Long time openSUSE developer Klaus Kämpf joined former S.u.S.E nine years ago and since then never looked back being committed to his System Management Architect job at Novell."

Status Updates


  • openSUSE distribution status report: A bunch of good news ! Many bugs got fixed, so we're in a pretty good shape already for 11.0rc1.

Build Service

Tips and Tricks

Martin Vidner: Installation without YaST

  • "With 96MB of RAM, Linuxrc will not start on 11.0 (RC1). So I decided to exploit the image based installation, and not to use YaST at all for a change."

Planet SUSE

Covering just a few posts from Planet SUSE, an aggregation of all SUSE contributors' blogs:

Lizards: Masim Sugianto: Indonesian openSUSE Monthly Meeting-May 2008

  • "Last week, Indonesian openSUSE community (openSUSE-ID) had a regular monthly meeting on Saturday, May 24, 2008. for promotional and marketing benefit, we choose biggest online newspaper in Indonesia) office at Aldevco Octagon Building Jakarta as our location for meeting. This is our sixth regular meeting since November 2007."

Michal Zugec: Research of possibility: running YaST anywhere

  • "One week ago I installed Fedora Core 9 distribution. But (experienced from openSUSE) there was something I missed : YaST and zypper. So I decide to port them to Fedora (and maybe to other distributons later)."

Jigish Gohil: openSUSE Google Summer of Code project: LTSP-GUI update

  • "The coding for the Google Summer of Code 08 officially has started from 26th May. Here is the status of our project."

Francis Giannaros: 1-Click-Install for Codecs in openSUSE 11.0 RC1

  • "With the exams (and University!) having come to an end, I managed to create an updated version of the 1-click-installation for codecs in the latest openSUSE 11.0 RC1."

Past Meetings

YaST2 team meeting

  • "The Prague YaST2 team met on Tuesday, 27 May 2008."

KDE team meeting

GNOME team meeting

  • "The GNOME team met on Thursday, 29 May 2008. Watch the Meetings page for details."

YaST coord meeting

  • "Minutes from the YaST coord meeting 29 May 2008"

Upcoming Events/Meetings

June 4, 2008: openSUSE Project Meeting

  • "There will be an openSUSE Project Meeting on June 4, 2008 in the #openSUSE-project Freenode IRC channel"

openSUSE GNOME Team Meeting

  • "Don't miss the next GNOME Team Meeting on Jung 6!"

June 11, 2008: openSUSE KDE Team Meeting

  • "Don't miss the next KDE Team Meeting on June 11!"

June 19, 2008: openSUSE 11.0 Public Release

  • "openSUSE 11.0 Public Release. See the roadmap"

Security Updates

To view the security announcements in full, or to receive them as soon as they're released, refer to the openSUSE Security Announce mailing list.

No new updates.

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