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Welcome to issue #15 of openSUSE Weekly News!

In this week:

  • openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 3 is Out
  • SoC Student Application Period Open
  • Brainshare Digest
  • One-Click-Install improvements


openSUSE 11.0alpha3 is out

  • "With a slight delay the new alpha-release was published. Happy testing!"

Summer of Code student application period open

  • "From March 24 to March 31 (deadline 5:00 PM PDT/00:00 UTC April 1) students can apply for SoC projects. Check the ideas page !"

In the Community

People of openSUSE: Masim Sugianto

  • "Today’s ‘People of openSUSE’ interviews Masim ‘Vavai’ Sugianto - founder of the Indonesian openSUSE community - helping users, and spreading out openSUSE to be widely used in his country!"

Welcome Jonna Ylvi Jaeger!

  • openSUSE director Andreas Jaeger announced "on the 21st of March - was our personal beginning of spring: Our daughter Jonna Ylvi was born ..."

Status Updates

YaST / Zypper

  • "A proposal for a ‘Yast style guide‘ was published here "
  • "libzypp HTTP download failover - SoC proposal" can be found here

Planet SUSE

Covering just a few posts from Planet SUSE, an aggregation of all SUSE contributors' blogs:

Benjamin Weber: One-Click-Install improvements

  • "I fixed a few bugs/wishes in the openSUSE “one click install” handler last week ..." File:1-click.png

Jigish Gohil: Kiwi-LTSP Prebuilt Images


  • "To make deployment of LTSP5 on openSUSE even simpler, we now have prebuilt images available that can be deployed by following these three steps ..."

Benjamin Weber: Interactive Firewalls?

  • "Interactive Firewalls? ... I knocked up a little proof of concept application"

Past Meetings

Discussion on board election

  • "We had tonight on the opensuse-project IRC channel a lifely discussion about the board election ..."

Brainshare Digest

Presentation about FOSSA

  • "Jeff Jaffe, Novells CTO, talked about FOSSA and the future business vision for Novell"

Presentation of KDE4

  • "Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier presented KDE4 at Brainshare"

Presentation of the openSUSE Build Service

More from the Blogosphere

Upcoming Events/Meetings

openSUSE-Project and openSUSE-KDE meetings

Public openSUSE board meeting

  • "The openSUSE board meets on March 31 at 9pm CEST/7pm UTC on the #opensuse-project IRC channel at freenode."

2nd packaging day - WE WANT YOU!

  • "Friday, April 4th, 2008 through Saturday, April 5th, 2008 in any timezone that you can imagine. That means from the morning in Europe on Friday, through the late afternoon on Saturday in the Americas. Come and join us and create packages in the openSUSE buildservice! It's phun!"

Security Updates

To view the security announcements in full, or to receive them as soon as they're released, refer to the openSUSE Security Announce mailing list.

SUSE Security Announcement: cups

  • "A heap-overflow in the cgiCompileSearch() function of cups was fixed."

SUSE Security Announcement: krb5

  • "This update fixes three vulnerabilities, two of them are only possible if krb4 support is enabled."

In the Press SUSE on Dell Latitude D505

  • "The quest to get GNU/Linux to run well on a laptop has been a long running challenge. In this piece, Ed looks at his success with OpenSUSE on a Dell Latitude laptop."

blogbeebe: Alpha spotting: openSUSE 11 Alpha 3 stirs cautious optimism

  • "The third alpha of openSUSE 11 was announced yesterday, so while I was puttering about the house before bedtime I downloaded the ISO, specifically the KDE live CD. I then burned the ISO and rebooted europa with my newly minted CD. "

Linux-Exploration: Linux Review 6- OpenSUSE 10.3

  • "... Installing OpenSUSE ..." openSUSE 10.3 Impressions

  • "...All in all I am very impressed with openSuse 10.3 ..." Suse Linux Enterprise 11 – Lean, Mean and Green!

  • "Novell announces development plans for the next generation of Suse Linux, promising mission-critical abilities in a power-friendly package."

ArsTechnica: Tracking Linux prereleases: OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, and Fedora

  • "Prereleases give users a great way to get an early look at upcoming features ..."

jaysonrowe: I found my perfect KDE4 Setup!

  • "In thinking about getting a fully stable KDE 4 setup on my machine ..."


Numbers in brackets show the changes compared to the previous week.


647 (+29) of 1196 (+48) registered contributors in the User Directory have signed the Guiding Principles. The board has acknowledged 70 (+3) members.

Build Service

The Build Service now hosts 2172 (+45) projects, 36663 (+109) packages, 5012 (+64) repositories by 4931 (+137) confirmed users.


The numbers for all openSUSE project products are this week:

  • All Open Reports: 3824 (+127)
  • Blocker: 29 (+2)
  • Critical: 167 (+10)
  • Major: 533 (+28)
  • Normal: 2214 (+83)
  • Minor: 291 (-1)
  • Enhancements: 590 (+5)

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The top 10 translation teams with the most translated strings of trunk:

  • Japanese (ja): 31365 / 100%
  • Ukraine (uk): 31365 / 100% (2 ranks up)
  • Hungarian (hu): 30601 / 97% (1 rank down)
  • Portuguese Brazilian (pt_BR): 30275 / 96% (1 rank down)
  • French (fr): 29802 / 95%
  • Dutch (nl): 29410 / 93% (new in top 10)
  • Portuguese (pt): 29343 / 93% (2 ranks up)
  • Italian (it): 29324 / 93% (2 ranks down)
  • Finnish (fi): 29302 / 93% (2 ranks down)
  • German (de): 29285 / 93% (2 ranks down)

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