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Archive:Using CIM from YaST modules

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This is now part of the Webyast project

Using CIM from YaST Modules


There is a YaST prototype of the NFS server configuration module which is using yast2-cim package to read the configuration via the CIM/XML protocol and CIM model. The concept is functional, but the overall feeling from the implementation is that it is very complicated.

[Subversion branch]

Relevance to YaST/openSUSE

Missing: Describe the project relevance to YaST. Which problem does it solve? How will it bring YaST forward ? How does it help openSUSE (resp. Novell)?


Missing: Describe the goal of the project, whats the expected outcome? Both long-term and short-term (for the hackweek).

Remember that the project should be doable and have a useful outcome within a week.


Missing: Describe what is *NOT* part of the project. Use cases and scenarios that remain excluded.

Related technologies


Typical use case

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Required knowledge and skill level

C++, CIM, YaST2 internals

Skill level: medium - high

Dev. environment/equipment

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  • none so far

Division of work and schedule

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Missing: Useful documentation and references. Including a link to a extended wiki page.

Willing mentors