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Screenshots of openSUSE 13.2 components. Unless explicitly stated all screenshots here must be public domain. On the release day, this page will be transferred to Screenshots.

Screenshot Guidelines

Please follow the following guidelines when taking screenshots for this page:

  • 1280*720 or 1366*768 resolution.
    • Small and wide screens are a good fit for magazine and website articles! A high resolution screenshot looses details when scaled down as part of a publication.
  • With the default theme, color scheme, window decoration, compositing enabled (as it is default!), widgets standard, etcetera. No fancy stuff ;-)
    • This allows viewers to get a representative picture of openSUSE.
  • Try to have application windows big, but not maximized
    • This provides 'background' (literally) so you see how it all fits together
  • Don't overload the screen with windows: 2-3 is really a lot already. Don't let it get too cluttered!
    • Less is more and all that.
  • If you want to do a screencast (awesome) try to follow the rules above and keep it short (around 3-4 minutes). Better have 3-4 separate video's of each a feature...
  • Once you have updated the screenshot, remove the "12.3" in the title.
  • Name the screenshot properly by appending or prepending 13.2 and desktop name: File:Login_screen.png = bad, make it File:Login_screen_GNOME_13.2.png

What screenshots to take

Below is a shortened list of screenshots we had for 12.3, some for 13.1. Taking the same or similar shots for 13.2 would already be a great help. But more is helpful as long as it does not get repetitive or excessive.



KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.14


GNOME 3.14