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Archive:Launch party 11.3 coordinates

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This page is used to store the map data for the Launch parties map, see that page for more information.

To add your coordinates to this page, add a following line:

Read more on obtaining coordinates.


  • do not use spaces before or after your coƶrdinates
  • do not use <br> for adresses in <Description>
  • do not use the "<" and ">" stated in the template use.

Launch Party Coordinates:

49.459717, 11.082589~Nuremberg~openSUSE Boosters Party, openSUSE:Launch_parties#N.C3.BCrnberg;

25.5, 76.65~Baroda, India~openSUSE 11.3 Launch party and Installfest,;

50.088, 14.4208~Prague~openSUSE 11.3 Launch party and Installfest,;

-6.921, 107.6094~Bandung (Indonesia)~openSUSE 11.3 Launch-Event, openSUSE:Launch_parties#Bandung;

8.600766, -71.150043~MĆ©rida (Venezuela)~openSUSE 11.3 Launch Party & Install Fest,;

46.873, -71.332~QuƩbec city~ openSUSE 11.3 Launch-Event , August 17, 2010;

40.616848, 22.944607~Thessaloniki,GR~openSUSE late launch rock party, openSUSE:Launch_parties#Thessaloniki;