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openSUSE is not using Hermes anymore, development has stopped in 2013..

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Hermes is the new notification system for all services.

For an overwiew of the technical architecture of Hermes, please read the Hermes concept page.

Personal settings

On you can choose from a pre-defined list of notifications which you can subscribe to. Simply check those messages you are interested in and click on 'Update notification settings'. For filtering your notifications (e.g. packages where you are BugOwner) you need to use the 'expert settings' linked from the bottom of that page.

Expert settings

The expert settings page allows to create individual subscriptions based on a message type and multiple filters. You can choose from a list of pre-defined filters depending on the message type, or add custom filters for message attributes.

Message deliveries


Your subscriptions will be delivered to the e-mail address configured in your openSUSE account.
To change your personal data, use this page.

E-mails are sent from, typical subjects include:

  • Build failure of <project>/<package>
  • Notification OBS_SRCSRV_BRANCH_COMMAND arrived!

Browse messages on

All messages are available via the web-frontend at:

RSS / Web feeds

For all subscriptions with delivery type "RSS / Web Feed" a feed gets created. The feed can either be read with a newsreader or with a browser on the hermes webpage.

For example the personal feed of user 'digitaltomm' is located at:

There is also a list of pre-defined feeds available, for the most popular topics.