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openSUSE participates in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC), a program for students across the world to hack on interesting projects and get paid for their work, while being mentored by experienced members of the community they are working in.

Current Status We are currently preparing our applications. The community is invited to help us in this project by becoming org admins, mentors and sharing ideas. Last year, we had a succesful GSoC and GCI period and we hope to repeat the same again this year.

Are you a student? See information for students below. Students are encouraged to discuss their own ideas if they have any with the community.

Do you want to mentor a student? Start by reading the Summer of Code Mentoring HOWTO. Then add your ideas and your name to the ideas list.




How to get in touch

Subscribe and mail to the openSUSE Project mailing list. If direct access to the list fails, please subscribe using this link. Make sure you introduce yourself, give some short bio, what you want to work on and why you think you're the right guy. This is also part of the official application but allows you to get in touch with the community easier. You can also join the discussion on the #opensuse-project IRC channel on Freenode.

Important dates

The following information is from the last year GSoC. We will update it as soon as Google announces this year GSoC Program. We are thrilled and eagerly expecting Google's announcement.

See the GSOC FAQ timeline. In short:

  • March 9th is the deadline for openSUSE to submit our application and ideas to Google
  • March 26th is when students can start submitting applications
  • April 6th is the student application deadline
  • April 20th is the date when all students must be coupled with a mentor and project proposals be "set in stone"
  • April 23rd is when accepted proposals will be announced by Google
  • May 21st is when the coding starts
  • July 13th is the mid term evaluation date
  • August 13th is the "pencils down" day, when the student should focus on polishing up what they've done.
  • August 20th is the firm deadline, when the final evaluations start.
  • August 27th is when the final results are announced.
  • August 31st is when students can start submitting their code samples to Google.
  • October 20-21 is the Mentor Summit at Google where the organizations who participated can meet and share ideas on how to improve for next year!

Information for students

The Google Summer of Code is a program for students in most countries. You will participate by writing code for a Free Software project. Students who finish their work satisfactorily will get a stipend of 5000 US Dollars.

Why participate?

Find a bit information on GSOC, Free Software and openSUSE here

Join the fun

Do this if you want to participate:

  1. Start by reading the Google Summer of Code FAQ and this tutorial.
  2. See which of the Ideas you find interesting or come up with your own idea.
  3. Get in contact with the community
  4. Submit your proposal on the Google Summer of Code website


Do not make your proposal too complicated! You can find an example here. And read this nice blog about writing a proposal!

We would however love it if your proposal contained the following:

  • Background (Please provide information on the project and also include the openFate request link if possible.)
  • Use Cases (Please provide an example use case scenario)
  • Benefits (Who will benefit from this project & why/how)
  • Caveats (Please list and caveats you feel applicable)
  • Technical Details (Please fill out all the technical aspects of the project, try and be as clear and detailed as possible.)
  • Why Me (Please explain why you feel you are a suitable candidate to complete this project.)
  • Do you plan to contribute long term to the project you are working on and how so?
  • Contact Information (IRC nick, e-mail, IM)

Basically, let us know why you are the perfect person to implement the project you picked :)

Organization Application

See the application form page.


Find the list of ideas (and mentors) on the GSOC_2012_Ideas page.

Despite the end of the submission period, many of these mentors would still be more than happy to help you out and mentor you! Feel free to contact them.