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This is the start of a todo list for the conference at least as of end of July 2010. Feel free to add things you miss or want to see. Or get in contact with the program committee at

What When Who Comments Status
Network/Wireless Oct 20 - 23 User:michl19 & dragotin this year the conference offers 10mbit connection. We need to check if we can use the existing wifi. Michl and Klaas check the venue on Sept 14. If bandwith is enough we might stream key notes WIP
Create an inviting & informative web presence of the conference August 2010 rlihm, dragotin, ademmer Program, Get around, Useful info from NUE, Accomodation etc. done
Arrange shuttle service from tram to venue Oct 20 - 23 User:michl19 The bus from final tram station operates only once an hour. Shuttle service (car, van) in the conference rush hours like 8-11am and 4-7pm would be very useful WIP
Food supply on the conference during the event User:michl19 Softdrinks are provided and for free all day. We need to have some stations provide community style (good and reasonable priced) food. WIP
investigate Act and whether to switch to it ASAP This is a Free-as-in-freedom web-based software for managing conferences. There have been over 100 Act-based conferences so far, each with dozens to hundreds of attendees. Act helps planning the talks schedule (with iCal support), disseminating announcements to attendees (with Atom support), processing payments (with tax office qualified invoice/participation receipt printing) and much more. You have the choice between having the developer team host an instance for lower administrative overhead or install the software to host it yourself. as we use Indico its not needed anymore
highlight organisers think of some measure how to recognise an orga from afar: T-shirt or sash or banderole ?
print name badges before the event rlihm & Jacquline nickname and affiliation should be easily readable from at least 120cm away; different paper colours for orgas, speakers, simple attendees to be done
advertise informal pre-conference meeting October User:Ldieckow invites the participants who arrive early to join him on 2010‑10‑19 18:30 at Restaurant Sunrise (directions from the venue) to get to know each other over dinner.
Attendee Management prior to the event Alexia & Jacqueline collect registrations, book rooms at the conference hotel and be the contact to the hotel WIP
Travel support prior to the event Conference Committee decide on the request for travel sponsorship (travel & accommodation) case by case, biggest influence maker will be contributions to the project by the requester WIP
Speaker workshop daily on during the event Henne & Jos provide daily in the morning a 30mins tips & trick session to give a good presentation to be done
print conference program rlihm & Jos either 2 days prior to the conference entire program or a daily program to be done
Media team ongoing Jos the idea is to find a group of people taking care of video taping of certain presentations and put them up for consumption to be done
Hardware for the conference Oct 19 User:michl19 & Henne define what's needed for the conference (computer, screens etc.) and get it to the conference to be done
Find a group of helping hands for the conference mostly a day prior and during the conference michl & Jos we should have a number of people helping to set up and run the conference to be done
Insurance for damage and theft of hardware prior to the conference User:michl19 an insurance for our hardware to be done
Orga office during the event Jacqueline having a stuffed office at the event to be done
Conference bags during the event User:michl19 & Alexia Alexia can provide 400 bags to give out at the conference to attendees, filled with program & sponsor give aways to be done
Marketing give aways during the conference Jos define and produce some nice