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We are happy that you will speak on the openSUSE Conference 2011 and we hope that it will be a pleasant and exciting experience for all attendees.

We collected some information for the speakers. Please read it carefully. Let us know if something is missing or not accurate. We are happy to hear your feedback.


Congratulations that you got your talk accepted by the Program Committee. We're very much looking forward to your contribution and you should be prepared for an interested audience that is really looking forward to your presentation.

Before the conference, please make sure to check your contribution in Indico at the menu point "My conference". If there is something to change, please let the Program Committee know. They will change it for you.

The contribution should consist of:

  • The proper talk-, workshop- or BOF title
  • A reasonable description of your activity. The description should be around 400 words describing what people can expect in the session. Note that an interesting description is the key for a large audience.
  • A short bio of the speaker. No need to tell people your mothers' birth name but its interesting what your relation to free software in general and to the specific topic in particular is.

Rooms and Technical Equipment

The conference venue has two large presentation rooms and some smaller rooms. All rooms have a projector displaying on a screen. The larger ones also have an audio system. Check the rooms and stuff on the map.

The rooms are open during the talks so be prepared to people entering and leaving the room during your presentation. There will be a session chair person around to help you and introduce your talk.

For your convenience, drinking water will be available during your talk.


Usually presentations have a time slot of 60 minutes if not stated differently. This time includes 45 minutes of speaking time including questions and additional 15 minutes time for listeners to change rooms and for the presenter to set up the computer with the projector and get the audio thing going.

To be fair to all presenters we will maintain the schedule in the hard way. Please make sure to finish the presentation in 45 minutes and give the attendees time to ask questions. Note that if your talk has another length on the timetable, you still should end 15 minutes before the end on the timetable to give people time to change.

There will be a session chair in the room who can give you time hints if you want that. Please let the session chair know.


Since there are always problems with setting up projectors on notebooks we encourage every speaker to show up in time to set the stuff up.

Please attach the slides or any important notes of a BoF session to the Indico system. That enables people to work after your contribution.

Photos and Videos

Depending on what technical equipment we have available we would like to record as many talks as possible, as well as we will have people taking photos. As common for free software events we would like to put them online.

Please actively inform the Program Committee if that is not ok with you.