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Icon-obsolete.png This article about the Open Build Service is obsolete!
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Build Service Clients

The architecture based on a REST API allows to write different clients easily. That gives us the chance to address the needs of users with different experience. The clients can put different emphases on different usecases.

Web Client

The Web-based client for the openSUSE Build Service provides easy access to the Build Service.

Command Line Clients

  • The OSC commandline client gives access to most functions of the Build Service. It is the recommended tool for the daily packaging work.
  • The build service REST API can also be directly used with your tools, or for example with curl. The API is documented in the OBS source and at You can also use OSC with the -d option to see the API requests issued for a given osc command.

Desktop Rich Clients

  • There has been a Google Summer of Code project that started to implement a KDE Rich Client (discontinued).
  • MonoOSC is a project composed of two parts. A CSharp (C#) library used to access the openSUSE Build Service. The second part is a nice GUI which uses this library.