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Archive:Ambassador meetings/20090926

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Saturday 2009-09-26: Kick-off meeting by task force for improving Ambassador program


The openSUSE Ambassador program still has some problems to be solved and things to be defined more clearly.

  • A lot of Ambassadors registered his/her name on the Ambassador/List. However, we can rarely see what they are actually doing as Ambassadors.
    • There came a lot of cd/dvd requests from Ambassadors, but only few have reported how they provided them and how was the event.
    • Some Ambassador have no userpage yet.
      • Should we delete those who have no userpage for longer then 4 weeks after they added themself ?
    • Maybe we need to improve Ambassador/List by adding some new columns such as "Already a Member or not".
  • How can Ambassadors make their activities visible?
    • All Anbassadors are strongly recommended to report their activities.
      • The best way is, posting blog entry to lizards.o.o ?
        • Some Ambassadors are not yet approved as Members and have no right to directly post blog entry to lizards.o.o.
        • Even if the Ambassador is not good at English, he/she has to write blogs in English ?
          • Who can help them ?
  • We need a group of persons who will guide new Ambassadors.
    • Who can be a coordinator for Ambassador ?
      • Only Members can be coordinators ?
    • How many coordinators are needed ?
      • 1 coordinator per region is enough ?
        • How to divide countries into regions ?
          • North America, Latin America, Africa, EMEA and APAC ?
    • What are the tasks for coordinators and their responsibilities ?
      • To give guidance to new Ambassadors in their region
      • To keep in touch with the ambassadors in their region
      • To request Ambassadors to report on their activities
      • To publish what happened in their regions
      • We have to organize regular meetings for Ambassadors, and coordinators should join the meetings as long as they can
      • ...


[23:08:25] <HeliosReds> Who are willing to attend meeting on anbassador program ? [23:09:02] <The_Code> gnokii_, saigkill, HeliosReds can we start? Any info on Jan-S. [23:09:29] <HeliosReds> I haven't seen him today... [23:09:32] <saigkill> Jan-Simon isn't here [23:09:43] <gnokii_> yeahnot seen him since days [23:10:26] <The_Code> ok should we wait for him? [23:10:46] <gnokii_> think not, no answer for HeliosReds mail [23:11:00] <The_Code> k [23:11:31] <HeliosReds> Note, this is an unofficial meeting and our purpose today is not to decide anything. [23:12:07] <HeliosReds> Just clarify what we have to do hearafter. [23:12:51] <The_Code> k [23:12:53] <gnokii_> I would like that HeliosReds guide our meeting and discussion, he is the oldest of us [23:13:45] <HeliosReds> I've prepared no agenda for today, though... [23:14:25] <gnokii_> no problem, I think we should analize the problem first then comes out a agenda for the discussion [23:14:49] <gnokii_> analyze I meant [23:16:03] <HeliosReds> First of all, all of you may be agree, that the ambassador program doesn't work propery ATM. [23:16:20] <STS301> yes [23:16:23] <gnokii_> yes and no [23:16:58] <The_Code> there are some things missing and some should be defined more clearly [23:17:31] <gnokii_> there are lot of ambassadors out there, and there came a lot of cd/dvd requests in but no reports. That was one of the points in the meeting on osc09 [23:17:56] <HeliosReds> Some are working well, but some are just register their name to the ambassador list and do nothing... [23:18:15] <The_Code> which can be due to no things that they can do atm [23:18:17] <saigkill> HeliosReds: Agree [23:18:47] <The_Code> i think the main thing is we don't want to loose people who will be able to make something in the future [23:19:15] <gnokii_> I agree to and there was an clear statement from zonker to one of the ambassadorlist problems [23:19:22] <The_Code> the problem from mz point of view are those who registered and have no contact info... [23:19:34] <STS301> yes, but those people don't just register and go ahead, without userpage and so on [23:19:55] <The_Code> so the question is who marked those red ones in lthe list [23:20:01] <The_Code> and when did he do it [23:20:33] <gnokii_> thats not a question, that was saigkill and that was after he had an conversation with zonker [23:20:51] <The_Code> as mentioned by zonker, we can delete those who have no userpage for longer then 4 weeks after they added themself [23:21:48] <gnokii_> yes that was his decission and I agree with this, have only one question about there can be a possabillity that the guys have userpages [23:22:01] <HeliosReds> At least, each ambassador should make their user page on the Wiki and write their activities as an ambassador on that page, so that we can see what they are actually doing. [23:22:52] <gnokii_> wait a minute HeliosReds [23:23:15] <The_Code> yes and no, they should create reports of their work to be published and seen by the community [23:24:00] <HeliosReds> The_Code: You mean, they should write blog or so ? [23:24:02] <gnokii_> the reports was a second point of the meeting [23:24:10] <The_Code> HeliosReds, yes [23:24:12] <gnokii_> yes and no HeliosReds [23:24:41] <gnokii_> we have some points with the way for reporting [23:24:49] <The_Code> or they can submit their report to someone, who will hold a special ambassador lizards account to publish such reports [23:25:59] <gnokii_> that is what I think is the best way, we know that some ambassadors are not members so that she have no lizard blog, to put the activitys on here wiki page is not really good [23:26:20] <gnokii_> we need one place for all reports [23:26:23] <The_Code> exactly [23:26:52] <HeliosReds> The most important thing is, IMHO, that we can see who are the active Ambassadors. [23:27:04] <gnokii_> so that the board can easy look after that and zonker can better show what the ambassadors do with the money from novell [23:27:15] <The_Code> and reporting their activities is one way [23:27:44] <gnokii_> agree [23:28:03] <suseROCKs> Good Day folks! [23:28:14] <saigkill> Hi suseROCKs [23:28:21] * suseROCKs runs away [23:28:22] <STS301> morning [23:28:37] <HeliosReds> BTW, the way to report their activities may be varied. [23:29:05] <saigkill> HeliosReds: Yes but accessable for all [23:29:25] <gnokii_> HeliosReds yes and no the way how we get the report but not how we to publish them [23:29:40] <STS301> for example a lizard blog for ambassadors [23:30:30] <HeliosReds> As a Japanese, non-english-speaking person, I think it's very hard for some persons to report their activities in English. [23:30:34] <suseROCKs> Do you feel something like ambassadors.o.o would be useful? [23:30:43] <gnokii_> HeliosReds agree [23:31:28] <The_Code> HeliosReds, of course but it should be visible that they did something to the whole community [23:31:32] <gnokii_> thats not only a langugage problem, I think not everyon can write a good report on a blog [23:31:50] <gnokii_> I have a solution for this problem [23:32:02] <suseROCKs> I think what we need to do is make clear to people when they register what their responsibilities are. And their responsibilites are more than just doing shows. They must also report back and share information and tips with others. [23:32:20] <The_Code> suseROCKs, that's it [23:32:24] <gnokii_> suseROCKS agree [23:32:27] <suseROCKs> There must be active participation within the ambassador group, but also there must not be any obstacles to make them less motivated to speak on events. [23:32:31] <HeliosReds> suseROCKs: That's right. [23:32:51] <suseROCKs> that's a very thin line unfortunately [23:32:54] <The_Code> but we should know when and where an ambassador is present [23:33:01] <gnokii_> suseROCKs ther must be a group of persons for guiding the new ambassadors [23:33:34] <The_Code> so if he can't speak english, is not able to write an article atleast the date and type of event should be published to the community [23:34:05] <The_Code> i agree with gnokii_ some kind of guidance is needed [23:34:07] <terrorpup> HeliosRed: You can send me your report I will translate into English for you, let you approve the report before posting it. [23:34:08] <suseROCKs> how do you propose handling the language barriers? [23:34:14] <STS301> or send the article to a translation team and ask them if they can translate it [23:34:18] <terrorpup> hi guys just sat at my computer. [23:34:24] <STS301> hi [23:34:34] <suseROCKs> about time you sat down, terrorpup :-) [23:34:43] <The_Code> translating it would be good [23:34:44] <gnokii_> this group of persons can publish there reports on a blog or whatever thats the solutions for language problems to and at last thepersons can give the board information about the ambassador when he wish to be a member [23:34:50] <HeliosReds> And, they can post the pictures from the events, even if they can't write blogs in English. ;-) [23:34:55] <terrorpup> Thanks, when I 5 year and a wife it hard. [23:35:09] <The_Code> pictures are very useful [23:35:17] <gnokii_> terrorpup plz we have a discussion [23:35:29] <terrorpup> sorry [23:35:47] <The_Code> and from my point of view native language reports can be a good option for the local communties as well [23:36:01] <gnokii_> The_Code agree [23:36:02] <terrorpup> Well I am trying to get pictures for my report. I didn't take a camera, but a lot friends did take pictures. [23:36:05] <suseROCKs> do we have any ideas now what regions/languages are covered by Ambassadors? [23:36:14] <STS301> gnokii_ don't be so serious :P [23:36:24] <gnokii_> suseROCKs yes [23:36:55] <suseROCKs> and can we match up a possible translator for each language that we have now? [23:36:58] <gnokii_> english, german, french, russian, portugese, spanish, hebrew [23:37:14] <HeliosReds> If I understand correctly, ambassadors are the contributers who are strongly dedicated to region/country/city, right ? [23:37:27] <The_Code> HeliosReds, yes [23:37:27] <gnokii_> HeliosReds agree [23:37:46] <The_Code> but they still need to publish their work to the whole community [23:37:50] <suseROCKs> depends on your definition of "contributor" [23:38:20] <gnokii_> suseROCKs we know that u need a decide about this [23:38:32] <terrorpup> but can we help other ambassador if they want to share with others and English isn't native for them [23:39:07] <HeliosReds> terrorpup: That'll be good. ;-) [23:39:26] <gnokii_> [17:46:26] <gnokii_> this group of persons can publish there reports on a blog or whatever thats the solutions for language problems to and at last thepersons can give the board information about the ambassador when he wish to be a member [23:40:01] <terrorpup> brb [23:40:31] <suseROCKs> membership is a separate topic. Let's focus on this topic first [23:40:41] <The_Code> suseROCKs, yes [23:41:00] <The_Code> i think there are two different things to cover: [23:41:14] <gnokii_> yes [23:41:26] <gnokii_> we discuss the second part first [23:41:46] <The_Code> write in your native language and publish it, give information to the coordinators (if there are some) [23:42:18] <The_Code> the coordinators publish it info in english to the rest of the community, depending on what they can translate .. [23:42:18] <gnokii_> which coordinators? [23:42:30] <The_Code> coordinators to be defined [23:42:43] <gnokii_> then we should first talk about coordinators [23:42:56] <gnokii_> and then about publishing [23:42:58] <The_Code> [17:46:26] <gnokii_> this group of persons [23:43:00] <terrorpup> Would it be recommend that we get our blogs listed on planetsuse? [23:43:03] <The_Code> which group of persons [23:43:15] <The_Code> terrorpup, yes [23:43:26] <HeliosReds> Do all of us think, we need some hierarchy for ambassador program ? [23:43:35] <gnokii_> terrorpup thats not really a solution [23:43:48] <terrorpup> ok, I will see about getting mine up there, so people can see my report. [23:43:50] <STS301> HeliosReds yes [23:43:51] <The_Code> we need some people to coordinate the program [23:43:54] <gnokii_> some of the ambassadors cant have a blog that can aggregate on planet [23:44:05] <gnokii_> HeliosReds ++ [23:44:35] <The_Code> and give guidance to new ambassadors [23:45:37] <gnokii_> all agree? [23:45:44] <terrorpup> agree [23:45:48] <HeliosReds> Who could be such coordinators or ambassador-lead ? [23:46:10] <gnokii_> HeliosReds I would make that regionally [23:46:15] <The_Code> i think those should be member [23:46:43] <suseROCKs> Do you know which ambassadors (possible coordinators) are currently members? [23:47:00] <STS301> gnokii_ so we keep the global coordinators and for each country is one Ambassador the regional coordinator [23:47:09] <gnokii_> not for country [23:47:15] <terrorpup> Only that which on the list, I know that there aren't any around me at this time. [23:47:44] <The_Code> are those global coordinators on the ambassador list fixed? [23:48:12] <The_Code> suseROCKs, we don't know, but that is something we can find out [23:48:19] <gnokii_> not pick a person or what qualities that person should be have is the first problem! [23:48:49] <HeliosReds> Maybe we need to improve ambassador list by adding some column for "Already a Member" and so on... [23:49:03] <terrorpup> guys, I am easy what ever the group comes up with, I am in agreement with. [23:49:13] <The_Code> HeliosReds, mazbe [23:49:28] <gnokii_> what is EMEA or whats NALA thats the first Problem [23:49:35] 参加 |saigkill| がこのチャンネルに入りました (。 [23:50:08] <The_Code> gnokii_, which regions should have a coordinator or more then one is the first problem [23:50:27] <terrorpup> HeliosRed: to me that make sense because I would want someone that know openSUSE, been using for a while, before they became an Ambassador. But that me. [23:50:36] <gnokii_> we should think about an good zoning and then talk about the persons [23:50:41] <STS301> 1. EMEA: Europe, Midlle East, Asia (I think), 2. NALA: North America and Latin A* [23:51:01] <gnokii_> STS301 "I think" [23:51:06] <STS301> right [23:51:20] <terrorpup> Yes, that correct STS301, and you also have APAC. [23:51:25] <gnokii_> I thaught EMEA is Europe, Middle East and Africa [23:51:43] <terrorpup> gnokii, you are right [23:51:43] <The_Code> gnokii_, it is EMEA Europe, middle east africa [23:51:58] <terrorpup> APAC is Asia [23:52:00] <STS301> right, because there are other persons in Asia [23:52:05] <gnokii_> However we should discuss a regionally structure first [23:52:22] <gnokii_> I think Asia is a part for is own [23:52:27] <terrorpup> I use to work 3rd shift that cover APAC and EMEA support [23:53:13] <gnokii_> terrorpup u speak spanish? [23:53:19] <terrorpup> no, sorry [23:53:33] <terrorpup> I speak English and a bit of Japanese [23:53:42] <gnokii_> good then u know wy NALA is crazy [23:53:47] <HeliosReds> Can anyone make a draft plan for region/coordinator structure ? [23:53:50] <terrorpup> I am learning Russian and Turkish because of my wife. [23:54:16] <The_Code> HeliosReds, that's a good idea [23:54:25] <gnokii_> HeliosReds i think we should discuss this [23:54:44] <gnokii_> a plan without knowledge about the regions isntgood [23:55:36] <HeliosReds> If we have a draft, we can easily discuss further. ;-) [23:55:53] <The_Code> HeliosReds, agree [23:56:00] <STS301> yes [23:56:11] <gnokii_> North America, Latin America, Africa, EMEA and Asia [23:57:33] <suseROCKs> Don't forget North and South Poles [23:57:42] <gnokii_> only southpole [23:57:56] <gnokii_> on Northpole lives no penguins ;) [23:57:59] <suseROCKs> And we must prepare Ambassadors for moon colonization [23:58:13] <gnokii_> :( suseROCKS plz [23:58:21] <suseROCKs> gnokii_: true, but Ambassador job is to put penguins everywhere! [23:58:37] <STS301> and what's about Austrialia, that's not asia [23:59:03] <|saigkill|> Australia is an english colony ;-) [23:59:03] <gnokii_> interesting question [23:59:10] <STS301> suseROCKs: I agree :P [23:59:23] <gnokii_> last warning! [23:59:24] <HeliosReds> IMHO, the areas can be modified when we think we need to. ;-) [23:59:47] <terrorpup> APAC = Asia and Pacific [23:59:52] <gnokii_> HeliosReds thats true [23:59:53] <STS301> ok [00:00:42] 終了 saigkill がこのサーバから退出しました (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))。 [00:00:47] <HeliosReds> For the first step, we just need rough divisions. [00:00:48] <gnokii_> oki then the structure is NAmerica, LATAM, EME, Africa, APAC? [00:00:54] <terrorpup> EMEA Europe, Middle East and Africa (business/market areas) [00:00:59] Nick |saigkill| がニックネームを saigkill に変更しました。 [00:01:18] <terrorpup> that works [00:01:39] * STS301 is having breakfast now [00:01:58] <The_Code> we should start with what we have, if we grow bigger we can change [00:02:19] <gnokii_> that never works [00:02:39] <HeliosReds> The more important thing is, we need to clarify what are the tasks for coordinators and their responsibilities. [00:02:50] <gnokii_> HeliosReds ++ [00:03:23] <The_Code> give guidance to new ambassadors in their region [00:03:29] <suseROCKs> that's good HeliosReds focus on the coordinators that make anyone who wishes to become ambassador easy. We do NOT want to interfere with anyone who wishes to talk about openSUSE [00:03:30] <terrorpup> hey guys, I got to run, chores, I will come back later and read the logs. If you need to help let me know. [00:03:50] <suseROCKs> Can we talk about terrorpup now? :-) [00:04:03] <The_Code> keep in touch with the ambassadors in their region [00:04:07] * gnokii_ go smoke [00:04:21] <The_Code> request reports on activities [00:04:39] <The_Code> publish what happened in their regions [00:05:10] <saigkill> Maybe they should talk with the new possible Ambassadors BEFORE the Registration [00:05:12] <The_Code> i think that should be the job of the coordinators [00:05:27] <The_Code> saigkill, hardly possible [00:05:41] <saigkill> Hmm. Just an proposal [00:06:19] <The_Code> they are of course points to ask about the program and give information about it [00:06:39] <HeliosReds> We may have to organize regular meetings for ambassadors, and coordinators should join the meetings as long as they can. [00:06:43] <The_Code> but i think nobody should be forced to have something like an interview before becoming an ambassador [00:06:49] <gnokii_> stop [00:06:54] <saigkill> HeliosReds: agree [00:07:06] <The_Code> HeliosReds, yeah [00:09:11] <gnokii_> can we end the discussion about the regions and then discuss how many persons are responsible should be for this and then the other points? [00:09:41] <The_Code> maybe it would have been a good idea to have an agenda for this meeting [00:09:47] <The_Code> so what about this: [00:10:04] <The_Code> we now all know what we should think of [00:10:19] <The_Code> so we can think about all this points on our own [00:10:33] <The_Code> come back here with a structured agenda and discuss this [00:10:56] <saigkill> The_Code: Sounds good [00:11:26] Nick STS301 がニックネームを STS301_not_there に変更しました。 [00:11:55] <gnokii_> that people that responsible for the discussion about this know all points, the problem is an other [00:12:39] <The_Code> yes the problem is we want to discuss the points but don't know when to talk about which point => an agenda might help\ [00:13:14] <gnokii_> now it helps when the discussion is guided [00:13:26] <suseROCKs> The other problem is you have no idea who these coordinators might be. [00:13:48] <suseROCKs> I suggest your next task be to look out for possible coordinators, discuss with them if they are interested and then bring them here to discuss the finer details [00:13:52] <gnokii_> suseROCKs thats part 3 or 4 of the problems [00:14:11] <gnokii_> thats what I mean, with guided [00:14:20] <suseROCKs> no gnokii_ you can't discuss details and logistics and infrastructure without the people present who will actually do the work. [00:14:37] <saigkill> Maybe it would be better if that general Topics are be discussed if Zonker is here.. [00:14:41] <The_Code> gnokii_, then please if you know about all problems, please share the discussion points with us so we can discuss about it in a structured way [00:14:42] <suseROCKs> We are speaking hypothetically too much here. [00:15:08] <suseROCKs> saigkill: no, Zonker is willing to provide advice, but he wants you all to be empowered to manage the program yourselves. [00:15:12] <gnokii_> I am doing that but everyone comes with an other part he think its more impossible [00:15:16] <suseROCKs> You're all smart cookies :-) You can do it! [00:15:38] <The_Code> then give us a structure [00:15:57] <suseROCKs> I think you already formulated the basic structure. Divide by regions [00:15:57] <The_Code> if you think you can guide the meeting now => do it [00:16:20] <The_Code> suseROCKs, i am talking about the meeting and discussion structure :) [00:16:32] <gnokii_> 1 regions 2. how many persons 3. what kind of persons 4. his schedules 5. who can that persons be not who can the person be and then the other stuff [00:17:16] <suseROCKs> that's too much detail for now. If you do that, you'll never get off the ground. [00:17:26] <The_Code> suseROCKs, i agree [00:17:27] <gnokii_> what? [00:17:53] <suseROCKs> Just focus now on going out and talking to people and see if they're interested. If so, let them come to the next meeting and then you all decide together what responsibilities are necessary. [00:18:05] <gnokii_> u think its better to picka person and then what he have to do? [00:18:07] <The_Code> +1 [00:18:42] <suseROCKs> you're trying to define a job description when people here are working for free. We have to assess how our Ambassador program fits into their lives in a comfortable way. [00:18:51] <suseROCKs> or people will get burned out and we will have high turnover rate [00:19:00] <The_Code> we should find possible coordinators for the regions we defined earlier and get them into this discussion to help define their job [00:19:09] <suseROCKs> Right [00:19:19] <gnokii_> no! [00:20:11] <HeliosReds> [23:11] <HeliosReds> Note, this is an unofficial meeting and our purpose today is not to decide anything. [00:21:17] <The_Code> gnokii_, no and ... [00:21:42] <gnokii_> read [18:28:14] <gnokii_> 1 regions 2. how many persons 3. what kind of persons 4. his schedules 5. who can that persons be not who can the person be and then the other stuff [00:22:26] <suseROCKs> gnokii_: what if we can only find one person? We don't have that large a community yet [00:22:31] <gnokii_> not pick a person first an then let him pick was he think he have to do [00:22:38] <suseROCKs> no we did not say pick a person [00:23:02] <gnokii_> suseROCKs then there is no person an we define a other rule for the region [00:23:03] <suseROCKs> we seek out prospective candidates and let them all speak at the meeting and we assess from there [00:23:33] <suseROCKs> you're jumping the gun. slow down :-) [00:24:01] <The_Code> look for people who might want to become a coordinator get them in this discussion to get more information in here, we will also decide what their responsibilities are [00:24:27] <gnokii_> looks like dictatorship [00:24:37] <suseROCKs> huh? [00:24:59] <The_Code> we all will decide, not one single person, not one coordinator, all of us [00:25:04] <suseROCKs> gnokii_: I think we have a miscommunication here [00:25:26] <suseROCKs> if we decide all the rules now, that's dictatorship. If we invite people to discuss and build ideas from there, that's open discussion. [00:25:40] <gnokii_> let us talk about how many andhis schedules and then let us find the person [00:25:51] <gnokii_> erson [00:25:51] <The_Code> especially as they will have to do what we define, if we do it now [00:26:17] <suseROCKs> how do we discuss his schedule if we don't know who this person is yet? [00:26:45] <gnokii_> on the targets! [00:26:52] <The_Code> we can talk about having a max of 4 coordinators per region or something like this [00:28:29] <The_Code> the goals of the coordinators should also be discussed with candidates for this position [00:29:05] <gnokii_> the goals are clearly [00:29:20] <gnokii_> without an coordinator himself [00:30:41] <HeliosReds> Relax. everybody. ;-) [00:31:18] <gnokii_> we have a goal it is defined and what we have to do is find a solution to reach that goal [00:32:54] <suseROCKs> ok you guys need to continue discussing amongst yourselves. I need to go now. [00:33:32] <The_Code> cu suseROCKs [00:33:42] <gnokii_> gn8 suseROCKs [00:34:05] <HeliosReds> suseROCKs: See you ! [00:34:08] <suseROCKs> no its morning :-) [00:34:16] <suseROCKs> And thank you all for your work on this project [00:34:28] <gnokii_> u2 [00:34:38] <STS301_not_there> it is close to noon [00:34:51] Nick STS301_not_there がニックネームを STS301 に変更しました。 [00:35:54] * STS301 wants to try Goblin out now [00:36:07] <HeliosReds> We won't make final decisions here. All we can do is, make things clear and prepare the draft paln, then we should involve potentially coordinators. In my understanging, this is just a kick-off meeting. [00:36:25] <The_Code> HeliosReds, yes [00:37:38] <gnokii_> yes [00:38:07] <HeliosReds> If you can agree, I'll write down an agenda and make some draft plan on the wiki. [00:38:16] 終了 STS301 がこのサーバから退出しました (Remote closed the connection)。 [00:38:37] <The_Code> and meet again? [00:38:44] <gnokii_> mmh [00:38:58] <gnokii_> another discussion without any solution [00:39:18] <HeliosReds> If we have something to talk now, go ahead. [00:40:04] <HeliosReds> Many things to be solved... [00:40:07] <The_Code> i think it is better to have an agenda [00:40:08] <gnokii_> there was a lot of points there intersting with the problems [00:40:31] <gnokii_> we have an automatical agenda I say it again [00:41:16] <HeliosReds> What are the other points we should clarify ? [00:41:20] <The_Code> and because of this we should have this meeting continued at another time [00:41:36] <The_Code> because i don't want to repeat what i said earlier [00:43:42] <gnokii_> my problem is we waist time with discussions for publishing reports first [00:43:47] <gnokii_> rst [00:44:34] <The_Code> because we had no agenda visible for everybody\ [00:45:00] <gnokii_> no because there are no leading of the discussion [00:45:24] <The_Code> ok do we want to continue about this today [00:45:46] <gnokii_> everone think his problem should be discussed first, no analyzing the problem [00:45:47] <The_Code> or do we want to put this at hold and continue structured and guided some other time [00:46:48] <The_Code> i vote for creating an agenda and defining someone to lead the next meeting [00:46:53] <gnokii_> [17:24:34] <gnokii_> I would like that HeliosReds guide our meeting and discussion, he is the oldest of us [00:47:18] <The_Code> HeliosReds, can you please start this discussion now [00:47:31] <HeliosReds> Maybe, we have to talk about how to provide DVDs and stuffs for events, about budget and so on. But, I think those are very difficult to find good solution son. [00:47:54] <HeliosReds> soon [00:48:01] <gnokii_> no discussion about DVD or something is needed [00:48:26] <The_Code> guys i have 10 minutes left on todays schedule [00:49:03] <HeliosReds> OK. [00:49:48] <gnokii_> have we output of our session here? [00:50:49] <HeliosReds> gnokii_: Do you need some minutes for today now ? [00:51:06] <gnokii_> what u mean HeliosReds? [00:51:34] <HeliosReds> What do you mean by "output of our session" ? [00:52:30] <gnokii_> I mean even with a written agendaon the endis no decission [00:53:15] <The_Code> yes that's it: the output is create an agenda - have a guided meeting again and keep on the agenda [00:53:48] <The_Code> HeliosReds, will create an agenda and lead the next session [00:54:02] <gnokii_> ooh great a meeting with output for an meeting for an onother meeting [00:54:26] <gnokii_> and the next meetings output is another meeting [00:54:56] <gnokii_> and then come somone at make a decission because there are endless meetings [00:55:09] <gnokii_> thats the situation [00:55:34] <The_Code> gnokii_, then step up and guide this meeting to reach a decission [00:56:01] <The_Code> we had no structure for today, so this was not really a meeting [00:56:05] <gnokii_> I dont know is saigkill here? [00:56:19] <gnokii_> we had a structure analyze the problem [00:56:43] <The_Code> and that's what we did [00:57:01] <The_Code> and now to reach a decision we create an agenda and meet again [00:57:18] <gnokii_> maybe and then comes oter persons and put her problems in [00:58:00] <gnokii_> we have no decision [00:58:29] <The_Code> HeliosReds, will you create an agenda? and lead a new meeting next week? [00:58:36] <HeliosReds> I'll try to create an agenda and some draft plans, and then I'll tell you first by sending an email. [00:58:43] <HeliosReds> Is it OK ? [00:58:50] <The_Code> HeliosReds, yes great [00:59:21] <gnokii_> no [00:59:35] <gnokii_> I dont know is saigkill there [00:59:58] <The_Code> ok, i got to go now [01:00:09] <The_Code> please keep me informed what will happen next [01:00:12] <gnokii_> oki then we can make decisions [01:00:15] <HeliosReds> The_Code: CU. [01:00:44] <The_Code> gnokii_, do you want to say i am blocking decisions? [01:01:02] <HeliosReds> gnokii_: Decisions about what ? [01:01:10] <gnokii_> no I say u make decisions withoutall ;) [01:01:20] <gnokii_> i say it again Is saigkill here? [01:01:22] 参加 STS301 がこのチャンネルに入りました (n=STS301@opensuse/member/STS301)。 [01:02:04] <gnokii_> i think create a agende isnt the only thing [01:02:56] <HeliosReds> What do you think we need in addition to ? [01:03:12] <gnokii_> some rules [01:03:38] <gnokii_> its very hard to follow a discussion about ambassadors on moon [01:03:54] <HeliosReds> Rules for whom ? for the coordinators ? [01:04:10] <gnokii_> rules for the discussion [01:04:32] <gnokii_> I dont like"stillschweign als zustimmung"