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This is the public meeting of the openSUSE Advocates Team

Agenda for the meeting

  1. Opening Comments (35 min)
  1. Recap of openSUSE Advocates needs and difficulties (15 mins)
    1. How are we doing? Everything on track?
    2. Do we need a kind of closer and better relationship between Advocates around the globe?
    3. Things we do great and must keep running on?
    4. Things we are suffering to do, but that is important and we believes needs some improvements?

  1. Miscellaneous Topics which may include: (25 min)
    1. Do we need to create templates for productive and collaborative reports?
    2. Do we need to have Ambassadors dedicated irc channel?
    3. Do we need to have Ambassadors dedicated mailing list? (We already got it! Thanks AJ) How will we efficiently use it?
    4. Do we need to develop Ambassadors welcome and first steps landing page?
    5. Do we need to take a look any free and available collaboration tool for Ambassadors program?
    6. Do we like to have Ambassadors Uniform?
    7. Do we believe is necessary to look around and have a brief idea of how other distros are working with similar Ambassadors program?
    8. Do we need to know who is using openSUSE (corporations). Is this kind of information important for us?
    9. What more do we need or not need?
    10. Others...

  1. Next steps?

  1. Ambassadors Meeting log

Be involved and take a look here to see the log of our Ambassadors meeting that occurred 03-August-2010

Thanks for Ulissis

  1. Advocates Votes