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For maintaining these pages, refer to THE VISION, as sent to the mailing list for discussi- admiration:

In the short term, many things can break. But Don't Panic! We have A Plan!

  • it has a part focused on NEWCOMERS
  • it is UP TO DATE
    • the common part: by having a designated MAINTAINER (mvidner)
    • the module specific parts: by living in the same REPO as the code
    • by publishing (and generating) it CONTINUOUSLY
  • it is EASY TO EDIT, by favoring Markdown over DocBook and MediaWiki
  • it is REACHABLE, by being well hyperlinked together
  • we favor FREQUENT and SMALL improvements

This page was completely redesigned during Hack Week 10 (October 2013): "YaST Developer Happiness: Reboot the Documentation". Here is the last revision of the old content in case you need to pull out some forgotten old content.