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This is a really nice article and everything that follows is intended as constructive. For that reason, I am not editing the article directly but posting my thoughts in this Discussion so as to only suggest, and if anyone feels any of the following is worthwhile can be contributed in someone else' words.

In Newbies

The following should be reworded to clarify that everything found in the DVD has been screened to comply with a public license that allows freely copying with minimal restrictions, mostly likely that the copy includes the license so that others know that they can also copy under the same terms. Saying that any copying without observing the terms of the software actually is illegal (piracy?)

Copying something is not piracy for us!

In Newbies

Recommend rewording

co-operation, using and contributing

replacing the text

actually gets them further

In both Newbies and Advanced user

Text suggests a difficult learning curve to use openSUSE.
Very much contrarily, I disagree.
Unlike other Linux, primarily because of YaST the learning curve to learn and use openSUSE has to be much flatter(easy to use). Any person, whether experienced on another distro or brand new to Linux only has to know how to launch YaST to be able to perform numerous (possibly nearly any?) tasks without having to touch the command line, learn any command, know file/application locations, configuration files, more. The User can easily add a new User, make it a member of appropriate Groups and secure it properly by simple checkbox selections(common defaults also work well). An Apache web server can be set up and running in minutes ready for modification without knowing webserver and website file locations, correct permissions or touching a configuration file. Show me how this is all more difficult than what you'll find in any other distro.

In Advanced Users

Tumbleweed is described as having the latest stable application updates. Some updates are less stable than others, a necessary trade-off when pushing "latest." So, perhaps the idea of using latest, often before others can expect to see should be emphasized more than stability which to some extent is sacrificed. And, "latest" may even be necessary if supporting very recently launched hardware with enhanced hardware detection and device drivers available only in a bleeding edge Linux kernel. Keep in mind that many will use this article to make critical decisions, and over-selling a feature can result in poor advice.

FOSS developer

Maybe should be just "Developers - We hope you're FOSS, too" might be more accurate? openSUSE should be proud to support and promote FOSS, but no one should be misled that openSUSE versatility means code with restrictive licenses can be created, too.


Although might be considered a sub-topic of FOSS development, I would opine that it's too big and too important to be relegated to "sub" status. I'd recommend giving OBS its own major topic status. Also, although the packaging capability is mentioned, the other big "gotcha" is missing... that the coder can do all that packaging from a common code base. That should catch the eye of developers.