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Questions: why are we encouraging to

1) not install the source code repositories and 2) why disable them by default?

If we want to encourage developers to install large projects from source we typically want them to install source dependencies. I example provide instructions to build xen on one page and without source-install the instructions would be rather quite large. What makes things more complicated is that then I have to explain that if you are using Factory / latest OpenSUSE now I have to explain that the default instructions do not tell you to enable the sources... and I have to provide instructions for that...


could someone more knowledgable than me add, how to properly invoke and use a screen session, which is mentioned in the last scentence. Or at least put a link there to a description what it does and how it works. And maybe this warning should also be displayed when I actually run zypper dup.

No Torrent Links?

Why there is no torrent links for ISO files?