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openSUSE talk:Mailing list netiquette

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Trolling and Flaming

IMO the "don't be aggressive" section lacks a clear statement that trolling and flaimng is against the netiquette. Currently it reads only as "don't be aggressive if you ask a question" and "don't take things personally" there is nothing about those that neither ask a question or are aggressive because trolling about their favourite hate app. Rabauke 15:31, 1 September 2010 (UTC)

Subject Line and Threads

The section title "Changing the subject without opening a new thread" and start of section are misleading. They can easily be understood that it is ok to start a new thread by replying to any message and just changing the subject line. Near the end this is clarified.

It would also help to explain to subscribers that the way gmail (and maybe outlook) present e-mails by subject line is not standard. Many other e-mail clients organise threads strictly by the "In-Reply-To" and "References" e-mail headers, causing new threads created by hitting "reply" to appear within the old thread in those clients.

It could also be mentioned that (a) using the same subject line pattern that automated e-mails use on the list may cause trouble to subscribers who automatically scan for notifications and trigger automatic actions based on them and that (b) such automated processing scripts should test for the absence of the "In-Reply-To" header to minimise false positives. Jowagner (talk) 11:31, 1 April 2018 (UTC)