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openSUSE talk:KDE ideas 11.4

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  • using vlc still uses the double amount of CPU compared to xine. (you have to restart e.g. amarok after you changed the backend) --Rabauke
    • I just compared the CPU usage of the Theora Bioshock Infinite Trailer and no matter which back-end I use both require ~10% CPU on my 2Ghz Core2 Duo.
      As long as both back-ends use the same codec libraries (in this case the libtheora and libvorbis), I can't see how a performance discrepancy could even be possible at all. --KAMiKAZOW 00:28, 20 August 2010 (UTC)

Chromium kwallet integration finished

--password-store=kwallet finished June '10, although I'm unsure if current factory builds have this enabled. See:-