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Avoid summaries if possible. If the workflow is complex, try to handle this complexity within the module design. If it is really necessary to use a summary, it is shown at the end of a complex workflow. It is a clearly structured overview of the choices the user made. The user cannot edit choices in the summary. The only kind of summarized information the user can edit by clicking on HTML links inside the summary is the installation proposal.


Use a bold headline, which displays the category and the appropriate icon.


Bold headline for subcategories, if they are available. The font-size of a subcategory is smaller than the font size of a category. Bullet list, which displays the choices. The font is not bold and it's size is smaller than the font size of a subcategory or a category.


Down left there is a “Help” button, down right there is a “Back”, “Finish” and “Cancel” button.

Help Opens the help text in a new window

Back Leads to the previous screen

Finish The settings are applied and the module is closed.

Cancel Closes the window. If the user made some changes and closes or cancels the dialog, a warning pop up appears, which asks the user, if he really wants to discard his changes.