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These dialogs are widely used whenever YaST module needs to inform user that some action will take some time. It informs user what's just happening. If the dialog appears quickly progress dialogs can be skipped. Nice example of full-screen progress dialogs are initializing, reading and writing dialogs of the majority of YaST modules. Read dialog shows which services are read, write dialog shows which services are written, initializing dialog is kind of read dialog which is used, for instance, for probing hardware. Read and initializing dialogs are often joined into one. There is a Progress YCP library that handles it.


Use “Initializing + module name” and the module icon. The heading is separated from the content with a horizontal line. Content Progress stages tell the user what YaST does in order. Write them like a to-do list using sentence-style capitalization. Do not use any ending punctuation on the stages. Examples of good progress stages include: Read configuration files Save configuration


Cancel Closes the window.

Progress Dialogs as Pop Ups

Try to avoid using progress dialogs as pop ups because depending on system speed the user may just get some flickering and the pop ups place themselves on top of other applications which interrupts the user's current work. Multiple pop-up dialogs one by one are not recommended, full-screen progress dialog should be used instead.